How To Stop Your [email protected] From Sagging



A bra can be one of the most uncomfortable pieces of clothing that a woman wears. They pinch, they itch, and they are tight and confining. Oh, and don’t forget that they are impossible to get the right size! Some women wear them to bed even though they are so uncomfortable simply because they want to keep what they have on their chest as perky as possible. Marilyn Monroe slept with a bra on for this very reason.

New research shows that taking that bra off overnight can actually help you. The study was done over a span of 15 years, with 330 French women. The results found that wearing a bra does not prevent sagging or help to ease back pain any more than if you ran around with your [email protected] flopping about in your shirt. In fact, this cloth prison that you keep your [email protected] in may be doing more harm than good! The research showed that a bra may actually cause more sagging as your [email protected] are not meant to fight gravity.

In taking measurements during the research, they found out that not wearing a bra actually strengthens the muscles around the [email protected] and the nipples sat just a bit higher and were more proportionate. Some women should not go braless however as the deterioration of their muscles has already begun and there is nothing that can stop it other than plastic surgery.

Even though this study and its findings may have some people excited to take their bras off and burn them, most will not listen. Research has shown that a woman who doesn’t wear a bra to work will have a much smaller chance if any of becoming an executive in their company. The study only focused on 18-35 year olds as well, so they can’t see yet what their futures will be like.



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  2. Yolanda Sania Porter on

    This stated that the study was done on french women. What about women of color, asian women, caucasion women, and others?

  3. Alisa Williams on

    I don't believe this study one bit… I've worn a bra 24/7 since I grew breast, and all my girlfriends who a very loose in the bra wearing department their breast are hanging down their waist, mine are in the same position for 20 years.. Ladies don't y'all believe this!!!!!!!

  4. D.c. Price on

    The headline said "How to keep your breast from sagging" when the content just stated that wearing a bra does not ensure this. Can you answer the question set up in the headline?

  5. I believe over time all breasts sag a little, the bigger the breast the more they sag. If you was lucky enough to start early in life and stop them from sagging too low you are lucky, we all didn't get that memo, but I think if you are having back issue get a breast augmentation your health is most important take care of yourselves lady, do it for you!

  6. Gwendolyn Carter on

    Back issues are not caused by big breasts. That was an advertisement ploy to make money on insurance claims. The abdominal and thigh muscles are critical in reducing back pain. If your core is weak it can not support your upper body regardless of the size of the breasts.

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  9. What about exercise, doing butterflies and chest presses. body building is the key to sagging. But that wasn’t even mentioned.

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