How To Transform Your Brain Function for the Better in Just 20 Minutes a Day


yogaBy Staff Blogger

Yoga is a fantastic form of exercise that not only works your body out, but works your mind as well. A new study conducted at Wayne State University shows that just 20 minutes of yoga can help your brain to function better. During the study they found that people were better in both speed and accuracy after just 20 minutes of yoga as compared to aerobic exercise.

The breathing exercises that are a part of yoga help you to clear your mind and focus on your breathing and your body positions. This takes away all distractions. After completing a session of yoga the study participants were able to focus better on the task at hand, learn, retain what they learned, and improved their accuracy and their speed as well. The study was published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health.

Participating in the study were 30 college women. They did a 20 minute bout of yoga and also did a 20 minute bout of aerobic exercise which was jogging on a treadmill. After the yoga they practiced some meditation and deep breathing exercises. One researcher stated that more self-awareness is brought about after meditating.

20 minutes of yoga can help many different people. Doctors were found to listen better and be more calm and rational. People with rheumatoid arthritis were helped by focusing on the pain instead of avoiding it which can make things worse. Meditation and yoga can help decrease feelings of loneliness in elderly people. Practicing yoga each week was shown to help stroke victims regain some balance after just 8 weeks.

The next time you are feeling stressed or need a brain boost, such as before an upcoming test, take some time beforehand to do a session of yoga and see how much it opens your mind.


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