How Working Women Gain Unwanted Weight


eating-saladBy Staff Blogger

Snacking in the office may help to make the work day better or hold you over until lunch, but it might also be causing you to gain some additional weight. A new study shows that women who snack during the work day are likely to put on a whole dress size in one year. We’re not talking about healthy snacks like apples or other fruits;¬† we’re talking about the cakes, cookies and donuts that you make an exception for when you’re sitting at your desk all day.

On average, women put on over six pounds a year from unhealthy workplace snacking. Men put on 5lbs 12oz from eating the same things. The report shows that we eat at least two snacks a day. Nearly one-third of us eat three or four. The study, ran by The Village Bakery, showed that women tend to eat more than men at work. It even discovered that 13 percent of women consume four or more unhealthy snacks a day.

Cookies, chocolate and chips seem to be the temptations that snackers succumb to the most. Over 40 percent of workers have a pack of cookies at work, 38 percent of workers much on some chocolate and 32 percent enjoy chips. One-third of workers admitted to stress-eating on the job where 22 percent say that they need the sugar boost to get through the day.

Simon Staddon, from the Village Bakery says,

“Stress and tiredness were cited as the main causes for overeating in the work place. But we were really shocked by the extent to which ‘quick fix’ lunches are affecting weight gain and general wellbeing.¬†Popular mid-afternoon pick-me-ups such as biscuits, chocolate and cakes are high in calories, saturated fat and full of sugar, all of which affect your blood sugar levels and ultimately lead to weight gain.”


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