Jada Pinkett Smith: Tupac Was Like A Father


Jada Pinkett Smith had a very close relationship with the late Tupac Shakur.  The rapper had a complex quality about him, one that was both admired and also left some people disappointed.  Now that Pac is gone, people are always interested in hearing from those who experienced and witnessed his legacy up close.  Jada Pinkett Smith is one of those people.

In this interview with Arsenio Hall, Jada says something quite interesting about what Pac meant to her. She says that he was like a father.  But the ironic thing is that the two of them were approximately the same age.  So, it’s difficult to tell what this really means.

Jada has emerged as a respected and elegant first lady to the entertainment community.  She has a beautiful family, a successful career, and typically gives very good advice on social media.  This makes her one heck of a healthy black woman.  Check out her interview here.


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  1. like a father??? seriously jada? u need to quit LYING. u and tupac are the SAME AGE! how is that like a father??? bye!

  2. I think she meant like a father in a way that he protected her and guided her she also says she did the same for him. They were clearly very close and had a beautiful relationship. I always feel so much love when she speaks about him and videos of when he spoke about her. She lets people see a side of him many didn’t see. RIP Tupac

  3. Gwendolyn T. Singh on

    They were in love in a way that neither understood. He just lit up when he saw her, it was beautiful

  4. This whole interview was just simplistic narcissistic manure it just reflect the artistic careerism of Tupac and Jada Pinkett Smith. Both their art was never about the people or the struggle of the people. When Tupac linked up with Death Row his music became dysfunctional like his personality self-centered and over-sexed. Jada has been in a few movies and her children have no social consciousness just Black middle class self-involved kids who only talent is celebrating their own non-existence celebrity status.

  5. WOW, this was a simplistic narcissistic interview that is just self-involved horse manure. What wasn’t discuss was their art was always reflective of both their careerism and never about the struggle of Black people. It was at base just Black middle class posture at being “Ghetto” by being dysfunctional. When Tupac linked up with Death Row his music just reflected his confuse dysfunction. While Jada children are just self involved celebrities who only talent is celebrating their celebrity status. They reflect no level of social consciousness. But, I guess you cannot not expected from spoiled middle class children from Black entertainers.

  6. Some one being like a father is what you feel when you are being treated with care,love and respect frôm any man and the uncoditional closeness being thereof that u just can’t measure.

  7. blkfootblaque on

    Sekou Osei you need to put the thesaurus down and speak in laymens terms our basic language. I can see that you are jealous. Is that plain enough for ya! Will, and know that those other people are doing everything in their power to exploit them. Both have stayed under the radar. Tupac when he was alive got a good taste of what the media can do. Tupac also knew those other people were after him along with the other enemy’s he had to face. You are aware of what they can do to your reputation. Because the two decided to keep their performance squeaky clean, the other people want to put a stop to it. HOW DARE THOSE TWO ACT OTHER THAN GHETTO! They are going after the children. They need someone to cut lose to compare with Miley, who needs her azz whiped. If the Smith disciplined their children at an early age, all hell would have broke lose. The children have a upper hand because they know America is watching, so their Parents have to slowly guide them. That’s to much power for a child to have. Yes you can take them to a psychiatrist and pay for a knwledge you can give them yourself, but once your kid is on TV their no longer your kid. They can embarrass you if they feel like it. So what does a Parent usually tell America…..”I’m giving them their own space. The truth is once they know all of America is in your business they can blackmail you. In my heart I believe they are good kids and they are learning from some of the tricks, the ugliness that the media will put you in from 8 to 80 and they don ‘t want that.

  8. Blkfootblaque was totally on point with her assessment and critique of Sekou Osei!!! How you were able to manufacture a stinging rebuke about something YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT – nor are you in or ever be in a position to judge something you cannot define or experience in your lifetime! So your way of responding was to come out on blast? Really? Now you are assessing someone’s personality, and not knowing if it was merely a ruse or ploy to keep those at bay who would seek to bring nothing but ruin/hatred/harm to him. Why so much venom? He made a man out of himself, regardless – he didnt go robbing or stealing or beating someone down – he knew she was impressionable and he shielded her from a lot of the ugliness that this business can heap upon young blacks IN AMERICA. Try living that and see how you come up – but please keep the venom in your life and try to come up to the positive – at least once in your life!!! IJS

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