Janet Jackson’s Trainer Shares How the Singer Shed 70 lbs. After Giving Birth


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: The Inqisitr

Singer, performer, and music icon Janet Jackson (pictured) has been making headlines constantly this year since she gave birth to a baby boy named Eissa at 50 and subsequently divorced her ex-husband.

HealthyBlackWoman.com covered the vivacious 51-year-old’s happy and miraculous debut at motherhood early this year. However, sources close to Jackson leaked stories to the tabloid media houses about the megastar’s personal adversities, particularly the problems she was enduring in her marriage, which eventually went sour.

Word circulated about Jackson’s laments over being controlled, as well as manipulated away from her career in music and even being separated from her family. Jackson was previously married to a conservative Muslim businessman from a very wealthy Qatari family named Wissam Al-Mana.

Jackson divorced Al-Manna not long after giving birth to the child they had together. In addition to the emotional and psychological struggles of becoming a new mother, divorce, and other family-related issues, Jackson dealt with the public ridicule, which came about when she gained a substantial amount of weight after carrying a baby.

Classless media outlets printed up demeaning junk about the singer “ballooning” to over 200 pounds. Gaining weight during pregnancy and being heavier after giving birth is natural for women. However, almost 11 months after becoming a mother at 50, Jackson has reportedly lost a whopping 70 pounds without doing cardio.

Paulette Sybliss is a super fit health and body guru who has worked as Jackson’s personal trainer. Sybliss recently conducted an exclusive interview with E! News about her experience with helping one of the most powerful women in music get her amazing figure back.

“I started training her about six weeks after she had Eissa so about March we started. We had a very vigorous training schedule. We were training a minimum of four times a week and the sessions were never less than 45 minutes, no more than an hour. Very intense, though. Very intense training,” Sybliss told E! News.

Jackson is preparing to embark on a world tour to promote her music and offer performances at an array of venues. Sybliss will be on tour with her to help the singer maintain her fantastic physical health.

Source: http://www.eonline.com/news/895250/janet-jackson-s-trainer-reveals-how-the-new-mom-lost-70-pounds-without-any-cardio








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