Jennifer Hudson Rumored To Be Gay and She Responds


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By: Krystle Crossman

When you are a celebrity and in the public eye, everything you do is questioned. Rumors will start to fly about what you do, why you do it, and who you are with. When you are seen out with someone the rumor mill starts and sometimes your s*xuality is called into question. This is what has happened to Jennifer Hudson lately just before her album JHUD is about to be released.

Hudson, 32, is not about to let some rumors get to her. After her VMA performance in 2013 with Macklemore and Mary Lambert rumors have been flying that she is a le$bian. She sang the song “Same Love” with the hip-hop artist and country crooner which is a song that is about [email protected] rights and marriage equality. After the VMAs aired people were calling into question whether Hudson was straight or not. She did an interview with PrideSource where she said that people were asking if she was trying to tell them something by singing that song. Hudson stated that she was excited when she got the call that they wanted her to perform the song with them. She said that it was a huge message that was being sent out to millions of people and wanted to be a part of that.

Hudson feels inspired by the LGBT community. She said that she admired how independent and confident those in the community are despite all of the hate and criticism that they face every day. She does not mind the rumors and doesn’t pay much attention to them as she knows who she is but is not offended by the insinuation that she is part of that community at all. She stated that after her performance of “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” in Dreamgirls she had [email protected] males coming up to her all the time and telling her that they felt like Effie on the inside.

It has also been said that she portrays a “drag queen attitude”. She has been to many Pride events to show her support and says that being around so many drag queens helped her immensely with her confidence. She said she learned to own what she did without fear while giving 100%.



  1. Well good for her. Finally an artist who is confident in who they are. MEANWHILE: Why are so many straight people so consumed by homosexuality???

  2. john williams on

    I think JHu is a mediocre talent but has done quite well. I am especially impressed by her consistent drive to give back. I don’t care about her sexuality but I know some gay folks have been and continue to support her, so she is acknowledging this I’m her charity work. Plus, a lot of folks are ignorant and hateful. Keep up the good work, JHu. I think you are a classy young lady and I’m glad we don’t have to look at your butt to keep us interested.

  3. I would like to know how this woman can call herself a Christian and support LGBT God does not support this life style so as a Christian how can she. I love gay people but I do not support what God calls a sin and please don’t compare being gay to being black because it’s not the same thing you are not born gay but you are born black. I can’t start out being black and then down the road I decide I’m white because I want to and this lie that you are born gay doesn’t wash it no different than people saying that alcoholics have a disease how can that be when you choose to drink, alcohol didn’t just show up in your body what a lie wake up people Jenifer Hudson has no idea what a follower of Christ is if she in in support of gay life style. in the Bible God has said that marriage is between a man and a woman now who ever want t say other wise will burn in HELL you can’t change God’s word to satisfy your beliefs only what God said matter, so for all you people out there that are of the same sex you are not married its impossible according to the Bible.

    • hopefulanyway on

      She loves her neighbors just as Jesus said to do. This sweet woman has been through so much. Keep your head to the sky Jen and the so-called Christian hypocrites will be dealt with one day.

    • They also married 10 ye old girls in the bible and women had sex with their fathers so yeah lets follow everything in rhe bible lol?????

    • You don’t love gay people or you wouldn’t say the things you say about us. God is a fairy tale devised to control and manipulate the masses so that those with money and power can make less rich and powerful people fear eternity if they don’t do as they’re told. I especially find it disgusting that people of color and gay people continue to support religion when it has been used to subjugate them for centuries. Black people have taken on the religion of their former slave owners and continue to support the white majority of judgmental idiots who run religion by giving their hard earned money to them, only to have it misspent and have their trust abused. Shame on all of you who think religion is the word of a fairy tale man in the sky whose existence has NEVER been proven in 2000 years. Shame on you for using it to make those of us who are NOT of the same mind feel “less-than” and dirty.

    • By the way, the scientific evidence is showing that being gay is a congenital condition. According to Ray Blanchard of the University of Toronto, when a woman is pregnant with a male fetus, her body is exposed to a male-specific antigen, some molecule that normally turns the fetus heterosexual. The woman’s immune system produces antibodies to fight this foreign antigen. With enough antibodies, the antigen will be neutralized and no longer capable of making the fetus straight. These antibodies linger in the mother’s body long after pregnancy, and so when a woman has a second son, or a third or fourth, an army of antibodies is lying in wait to zap the chemicals that would normally make him heterosexual. So, just like Michael Jackson could bleach his skin white and have plastic surgery proves, it doesn’t matter how you’re born, people can alter their behaviors to mimic being straight, or being white in Michael’s case, without changing the fundamental nature of their beings.

    • I am not a fan of gay & lesbian either! But if u have not sinned, then cast the 1st stone!!! Jesus says: Come As You Are!!!

  4. Joyce is right on the money. It is interesting how if you stand up for traditional marriage all of a sudden your not progressive in your thinking. We should always be morally progressive. That does not mean redefining right and wrong in order not to offend people. Now you have to be afraid if you believe in traditional marriage because you are discriminating against and dehumanizing those who are gay. This is a wicked trick of the enemy. God determines what it means to be human and that includes a clear distinction between male and female. Confusion about one’s gender has often come as a result of molestation at any early age (Which people rarely admit or is rarely discussed as influencing homosexuality), deep hurt at the hands of a person of a particular gender or dangerous sexual experimentation. You should never make people feel comfortable with something if they have not explored all of the reasons why they may have turned out a certain way. Joyce is 100% correct about this false comparison with the Black struggle for acceptance and equality. Ethnicity is in no way the equivalent of sexual orientation. I do acknowledge certain people feelings of attraction toward the same sex. Some women are deeply attracted to married men for some reason they may not be able to fully articulate. It will never make such a relationship legitimate. Clearly some pedephiles are attracted to young boys. No right minded person would sanction this. This is a simplistic example to demonstrate that feelings and inclinations are not always a sign of legitimacy.

  5. I am constantly amazed by those who call themselves Christians who continually judge and demean others. God had nothing to say about being gay. But I do remember learning “judge not, lest ye be judged.”

  6. But God has said something about having sex out of wedlock. So if you are having sex & not married to that person it is a sin. So God do not have to use our modern day terms(gay, lesbian, trannies) for example it’s still all wrong according to His word. Truth is truth wether you are offended or not!!!!

  7. Ms.Hudson has paid a high price for her fame and public recognition.She has learned to not listen to rumors and bad press about herself which is good.This society at large spends to much time on the lower nature of things: sex,war,racism,money,hatred of the country’s president and his family,NFL players and their thuggery and misdeeds to name the major ones.Please give it a rest for once devote a day to something of redeeming social value.Observe a sabbath of negativity in all quadrants.Peace

  8. To Joyce, Quincy and others who think they know what God has said to others–you don’t know! The writers of Scripture say things about God in their attempt to understand Him who is beyond our comprehension. Cultural habits/traditions influenced these writers as they influence our outlook today. Let us strive in our growth to include all of the Creator’s creations and to manifest in our lives on this Earth now the heaven that Christ spoke of as being in our hearts. That is really our only task.

  9. Objective Analysis on

    JHud did this because the Entertainment business is the living version of Sodom & Gomorrah. In order to survive in this LGBT abomination, you have to submit to their version of sexual orientation. No wonder Whitney Houston said, “don’t worry about the drugs…pray for my soul.”

  10. Live for yourself..Regardless of what people may say about you, you can become your worse enemy. By standing with other people you have stated I know who I am, do you know who you are..We must live and let live, I may not like your live style but I can still stand with your for your right to live it……

    • You are absolutely correct.This question about one’s sexuality should be moot.Does it define you completely as a good or bad person or does it mean you are not in agreement with our so called culture.I am not gay but I do have friends who are and I don’t treat them any different from my so called straight friends.We have so many more issues which we need to pay attention to.Many of us have been hurt by our so called straight family members so just remember what really is relevant in your life.God being the first and your loved ones second be they straight or gay!

  11. It doesn’t matter what people say, we have to save our own souls. In the final analysis God Is, judge and jury.

  12. Christians have not learned not to judge. If you are a Christian, then be a Christian. Live your life the way God wants you to and stop judging others. God’s got this, he don’t need your help!!

  13. Apparently Jennifer does care about what others think because she never specifically stated if she is or is not gay. She only stated that she supports the gay community. Frankly, I careless one way or the other but Jennifer “to thine own self be true”

  14. Joan E. Oliver on

    It amazes me how so many Christians can be so judgmental and unloving towards anyone unlike themselves. Did not Jesus say Judge not lest ye be judged. And forgive and love one another? Yet they focus on differences in lifestyle. Everyone has the right to choose their own lifestyle and live their own lives. And we all need to keep focused on loving and living our own lives righteously. It is a truism that when you point a finger, 3 more are pointing toward yourself. Whether she is gay or not is strictly her business, her job is to sing and entertain the public.

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