Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife Torrei is the But+ of Kevin’s Jokes, but Holds No Bitterness Toward Him



Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, Torrei Hart, says that there are no hurt feelings between her and the comedian. She also says that she would even welcome the opportunity to work with him on any of his future projects. The two seem to be having an amicable divorce and haven’t had much negativity surrounding their relationship.

Hart may utilize Torrei as the butt in a number of his jokes in his most recent standup comedy film, “Let Me Explain” but she says that, “We were never enemies”. She does admit that the two have endured their fair share of “tension” during the stressful divorce proceedings but adds that since they made it over that hurdle things have been going quite well between the two. In fact she even says that she wouldn’t be opposed to the idea of appearing on “Real Husbands of Hollywood” with Kevin; many of the wives of the other stars of the show have made cameo appearances including Tisha Campbell-Martin and Nicole Ari Parker, but Torrei was played by Angel Conwell, an actress on “The Young and The Restless”.

Torrei also went on to congratulate Kevin on all the success he has been experiencing with the TV show on BET, high profile movie roles and hit stand-up comedy films. She voiced her opinion on “Let Me Explain”, “I thought it was really funny. I thought he did a great job. I’m very proud of him. I do laugh at it because I think it’s hilarious. It was very funny.”

Torrei has already proven that she is not bitter about the divorce and shocked many people when she settled for such a small amount of money, $175,000, from Kevin.  This was even after Kevin had become an A-list actor and comedian.

So, is she a good-hearted person or a dumb one?  You be the judge.



  1. Bella Mounir on

    I think she's a strong woman for that. God bless her! I know most of us wldn't put up with it ..cuz we can be very weak especially at a divorce period.

  2. Bella Mounir on

    I think she's a strong woman for that. God bless her! I know most of us wldn't put up with it ..cuz we can be very weak especially at a divorce period.

  3. I wouldn't hv settled for so little! Especially if he's using me in his stand up acts. But i definitely agree w/keeping it cool & classy! I like her style! Too bad Wade doesn't have it like that lmao!

  4. Keana he doesn't owe her anything for using their relationship in his act its his life comics go off real things,reality, their life. But yes she is a great women u know it wasn't about the money with her she knew n loved him before the fame n it just didn't work they have two beautiful kids to raise together in a loving n peaceful relationship ….

  5. Shatina Lyles-Daniel on

    Why would she be bitter hell she still getting paid, so no make all the money he wants, she ain't hurting, she bout to have her own comedy sit com…. She's a comedian also….

  6. I'm relieved we don't have another bitter money grubbing dragging folk in the mud ex wife. She's an example of how if your marriage is over your dignity doesn't have to leave

  7. I think she’s a very classy woman, and Dwyane Wayne ex wife, need to take some lessons for her. She got her settlement, she also gets childsupport & alimony.. Either way she still banking.. Just because the marriage end, doesn’t mean you have to be bitter.. Just move on!! I’m pretty sure some of the things he say about her, are made up or added on.. She gets nothing but props from me and all the real non bitter ladies like, myself!!

  8. She is a class act! No need for drama as long as they can be civil towards each other while he supports his children after all, they are both still parenting their children together; if she can laugh, I say who should judge her? Kudos to her for being a class act!!

  9. Lashaw Kelly on


  10. Phyllis Jarman on

    All African American Woman are NOT BITTER and money hungry. She's the Mother of his children and he will do right by her and those children. If NOT; God will deal with him accordingly.

  11. She probably was relieved to be divorced from him. Imagine waking up listening to him talk all the time, “Shut up already, damn!!!”

  12. It is clearly obvious that she knew it was time to move on. when a person truly feel it’s that time, they are willing to leave without any money. She deserves to be called a strong lady. She can stand on her own.

  13. Yolonda Rabbani on

    She reminds me of myself. I respect that she didn't set out to take him for everything's he's earned out of spite or bitterness like many women do. Just just use what you need. She has handled this class and has shown SELF-respect and a significant amount of strength during what I personally considered one of the worst experiences a woman/man can have. I am happy for her, and Kevin. I pray that they both continue to live a happy and prosperous life.

  14. Based only on the picture accompanying this article, this woman is a very attractive woman. Clearly her actions seems to be classy/beautiful too hence it is adroit to conclude that she is beautiful inside and outside. Who ever raised her did a spectacular job. I am sure she will be a blessing to her children. With his foul unsecured mouth, Kevin is the one who is going cry in the long run. Is he not the same person who said darker skinned sisters are unattractive. Just scroll back up on your computer and look at the person talking. He has money? What kind of money? Dirty money? Money is not everything. Money does no equate to happiness. Yo Bro Kev, I am not sure transpired between you and Sister Torrei but I hope you will be a man and work things out. Be the man, husband, father, head of household and leader the Bible and our African customs asks of you. Posted with love.

  15. Brother Kevin Hart better straighten and fly right.He better don’t learn the hard way how lucky he is to find a GOOD WOMAN, especially one of his own so Beautiful.He has found Heaven on Earth.

  16. I think she is a bigger person for doing that. That just goes to show that she isn’t out to get him to every cent he got. Money hungry females these days don’t get it. You don’t gain nothing by being greedy and stupid. Just take what you get and move the hell on. I for one give her big props. She reminds me a little of myself. Not with The BS. Just make sure the kids are taken care of.

  17. With his overnight success he should automatically give her more than she settled for especially if he's using her to make even more money, classy or not. It still shows how 'little' he is!

  18. Joan Saunders on

    She is a Specimen. Nevertheless, Kevin should have been more generous seeing that he once lived with her….

  19. I love this. She act like she has some damn sense. So many women haved showed they ass white and black when it comes to divorce. I'm glad it wasn't a public scene and both of them were civil.

  20. She is a very classy lady that I believe can hold her own..she is not trying ti be greec y because im pretty sure he still takes care of his kids and that is where his responsibility is

  21. Kimberly Dat Deal Thomas on

    he's going to still take care of her on the low, and still get some nookie on the side if he wants it…lol.

  22. She is a classy woman and he was blessed to have her as his wife she is a winner and a great mother. She is a great actress as comediane watch out for her new project you are going to be blown away with her talent

  23. She is a classy woman and he was blessed to have her as his wife she is a winner and a great mother. She is a great actress as comediane watch out for her new project you are going to be blown away with her talent

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