Khloe and Lamar’s Marriage Could Be in Trouble as Lamar Refuses Rehab


khloe-and-lamarBy: Krystle Crossman

Kim Kardashian and her newest family addition may be in the news far more than her sisters, however Khloe is someone that the public consistently talks about as well. Recently it has come out in the news that Khloe is working extremely hard to uphold her “in sickness and in health” vows that she took with hubby Lamar Odom. He has allegedly had a very serious drug habit for a few years and Khloe is working hard to try and help him in whatever way that she can.

Khloe had managed to convince Odom to enter a drug rehabilitation center last year but he was less than enthusiastic about it. She took desperate measures to ensure that he stayed through his entire treatment. She hired guards and private investigators to make sure that he did not leave the facility. After three weeks he checked out and was able to play for the Los Angeles Clippers for the season. Once the season was over he sadly went right back into using drugs according to sources from TMZ.

Apparently there was an intervention with his family where they pleaded for him to go back into rehab, but he told them no. TMZ reported that after he said no to rehab for a second time, Khloe asked him to leave their home. They have been married for four years now and have two children.

Odom grew up without his father who was a heroin addict, but in their show, Khloe and Lamar, he was trying to reach out and get to know his father. Hopefully he is not still doing this as his father, if he were truly an addict, would be a very bad influence on Odom.



  1. This is what happens when you marry someone you dont know just to compete with your own siblings. She needs to get STD checked for how long now?? Take care~

  2. TMZ is full of BS & target Brother’s like Usher who is only trying to Be a Father & these Woods all upin his?? Get on before you get Beat-up!

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