K!ller Soy: Five Reasons You Really Shouldn’t Be Eating Soy


By: Krystle Crossman

Soy is a staple in most vegetarian meals. However, soy is not all that it is cracked up to be. Here are five reasons why you should not include a lot, if any soy in your diet, even if you are vegetarian.

1. Soybeans are now manufactured and are much different from fresh soybeans. The wild soy contains phytoestrogens which have been known to lower cancer rates. However with the way they are processed now, soybeans have xenoestrogens which throw you hormones completely out of whack. Xenoestrogens have also been linked to breast cancer.

2. Did you know that over 90% of the soy that is produced in the US is genetically modified (GMO)? Nothing that is GMO should be entering your body as it can cause a host of problems.

3. Most of the time when you are eating soy you are also eating emulsifiers, a ton of salt, and preservatives. It is better to stay away from packaged soy at all costs and reach for the fresh fruits and veggies instead. Whole foods are far better for your system.

4. There is a myth that you absolutely need to include a ton of protein in your diet, and since vegetarians don’t eat meat, they turn to soy which has a lot of protein in it. Tim Van Orden claims that it is a myth that we need even a small amount of protein through the day. He says you don’t need it at all, so if that is the only reason you are still eating soy you can stop.

5. It is gray. It’s unappealing. It has no flavor to it! People who say that it takes on other flavors need to taste again.



  1. sheila forest scott on

    thanks for setting me straight,i’m one of those people who thought it was safe to eat.now i’m no better.

  2. The reason why soy is being used in prison. Is because it changes the estrogen in males as well as females and causes men to becomes sissies and women to become bulldaggers. There have been research done on this check it out for yourself

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