Ladies: What Your Man Wants To Hear


whispering1By Staff Blogger

Every guy likes to hear compliments from his partner. It helps to boost his self-esteem and gives him a nice little kick start to the day. If you want to help your man’s confidence, try saying some of these sweet phrases.

– “I respect you”: Telling him that you respect him shows him that he is an equal partner in the relationship.

– “You look handsome”: What guy doesn’t want to hear that he is handsome?

– “Thank you”: These two simple words can let your guy know that you are appreciative for the things that he has done for you.

– “I trust you”: He will know that you feel secure with him around.

– “I’m on your side”: He will know that you are loyal to him and that you will be there to support him.

– “I’m listening”: This will let him know that you care what he has to say and you are valuing his opinion.

– “Good morning. Let’s get frisky”: This is music to a guy’s ear!

– “I’m sorry”: Taking responsibility for a fight seems to fall on the man’s shoulders often, so if he hears that you are sorry it tells him that you don’t think everything is his fault.

– “Your friends are fun”: He will know you don’t want him to get rid of his friends.

– “You look buff”: He knows his hard work at the gym is paying off.

– “You make me look better”: He will feel that he has been able to successfully impress you.

– “That was delicious”: Complimenting your guy’s cooking shows that you appreciate that he put the effort in to make it for you.

– “I’m happy”: Men like to know that they are making you happy just as much as women like to hear it.

– “I’m proud of you”: Everyone likes to know that someone is there cheering them on, guys are no exception.

– “You’re a rock star”: Every guy dreams of being a rock star, so why not tell him that he is? Even if he’s bad at it, applaud him for having fun.

– “You’re cuter than Denzel Washington”: One of the biggest compliments you can give a man is to let him know that he’s cuter that Hollywood’s hearth-throb.

– “LOL”: It is always good for a guy to know that he can make you laugh.

– “It’s not your fault”: Guys like to hear that it’s not always their fault because they often times get blamed for everything.



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  2. Esther J Sherrod on

    Thank you, I really enjoyed reading your article. However, I think, starting each morning with “Good Morning,” saying, I love you, prayer, stretching and along with all your other great and wonderful suggestings will guarantee a successful relationship.Thanks for sharing.

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