LL Cool J’s Wife Simone Smith Opens Up About Her Cancer Remission


By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

Hip-hop icon LL Cool J (pictured right) and his wife Simone Smith (pictured left) have teamed up with the American Cancer Society for a new survivor’s campaign called Beat Cancer Like a Boss.

In 2004, Mrs. Smith was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called chondrosarcoma. Her story of trial, tribulation and triumph over this disease is nothing short of miraculous. Even after undergoing a grueling, 15-hour surgical procedure, Mrs. Smith went through many more months of  restoration.

“It was a two-and-a-half-year recovery, where I had to learn to walk again. I went from a wheelchair to two crutches, to one crutch to a cane,” she said, according to The Grio.

“In that moment there, I was devastated. I’m not going to get emotional!” she said while trying not to cry.

LL Cool J (born James Todd Smith) often praises his wife for her strength by calling her his “rock.” However, during Mrs. Smith’s hours before surgery, the legendary rap and film star did what a truly dedicated husband would do for his wife in a life or death situation: He offered a portion of his own mortality to save her life.

“I remember sitting in the doctor’s office, and he wanted to give his fibula bone… because he felt that his fibula bone would be bigger and stronger,” Mrs. Smith said, according to The Grio.

She also said that Mr. Smith was very protective of his wife when visitors would come to see her at the hospital after her surgery was completed. He would not allow visitors to come into the room crying or showing their grief in any form or fashion.

“Because you need positive energy,” LL Cool J said, according to The Grio.

Like a true boss over any deadly plague, Mrs. Smith has toppled chondrosarcoma with a cancer-free remission streak that has lasted 14 years. LL Cool J and his wife have been married since 1995. The couple also has four children together.

Donate to the Beat Cancer Like a Boss campaign here

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