Majority Of Women Want to Bring “Toys” to Bed; More and More Couples Are Using Them


candyBy: Krystle Crossman

Some couples want to spice up their s*x lives, so they bring toys into the bedroom. While it may not seem like a common thing, it is more prevalent than you may think. In a recent poll in Women’s Health magazine, 75% of the people that responded said they have used toys with a partner. Sixty percent of the respondents said that they use toys with their current partner and 84% said they would be willing to give it a try at some point with their partner.

Bringing a toy into bed with your partner can not only spice up a lackluster routine, but can enhance the pleasure for the both of you. The introduction of a toy into the bedroom can increase the dopamine levels which means more s*xual excitement. Some women have a hard time reaching climax, but a toy can really help with that leading to a more satisfying experience for both parties.

There are some toys that Ian Kerner, PhD recommends for couples based on reviews and their ease of use:

– LELO Gigi – $109 – Has a flat edge to stimulate the G-spot
– Jimmyjane Form 6 – $175 – Double-sided for stimulation and penetration
– Jimmyjane Form 2 – $145 – Has 2 ears that are flexible
– Je Joue MiMi – $89 – Smooth and compact, good for an entire body massage
– We-Vibe 3 – $139 – Designed for women to wear so both parties can feel it
– Jimmyjane Hello Touch – $65 – Stimulators on fingertips for hand play
– Je Joue Mio – $99 – Pen!s ring that vibrates, great for him and her

The next time you are near a s*x shop or are shopping online, look up some toys, introduce one in the bedroom and you may be pleasantly surprised.



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