Many Women Get Pregnant Even When On Birth Control


pregnant1By Staff Blogger

Many families plan on having children. They try and then are very excited when they discover they are about to have a child. There is however a surprising number of pregnancies that are unplanned. Even if you take every precaution, there is still that small chance that you will get pregnant.

According to an article on NBC News, one-third of pregnancies are a surprise. This number has not changed much since 1982. CBS News stated that three million pregnancies a year are unplanned, but yet the CDC states that 99% of women who are having s*x are using birth control. The CDC says that these women are using at least one form of birth control. These numbers were taken from the years 2006-2008.

Younger people are more prone to accidental pregnancies as they are either too young and careless to know how to use contraception the right way, or do not feel they need it at all. You can’t hope to not get pregnant; the proper precautions must be taken. Even then, there is still a chance. No method, other than abstinence, is 100% effective.

Even when women use contraception, they are still more likely to get pregnant. Women who take the pill often miss days or don’t take it as intended. A study showed that women using the pill, the ring, or the patch are twenty times more likely to get pregnant than those using an IUD or implant.

It is important that a woman understands the different methods of birth control so that she can make an informed decision on which to use. She needs to know the possible side effects, what medications can cause the birth control to be less effective, and which have the highest percentage of being effective. Once she has selected the birth control, it is up to her to use it the correct way.


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