Marriage Helps You to Live Longer: Here’s Why This is True



Making relationships work is not easy, but maintaining a healthy relationship can provide you with a lasting happiness, and perhaps even a longer life. In the past, some have believed that a happy marriage could extend your life.  Now there is research that yields a similar answer. It turns out that men who are married reap some major long-term health benefits compared to those who are not. So what is it about lasting love that causes people to have lasting health?

Psychologists have discovered that people who are married tend to have less-risky behaviors than those who are not. Even couples who merely live together and are not officially married are at a higher risk of substance abuse and risky behavior, in some cases lowering their life expectancy. Married people also have a built-in best friend/lover. With a spouse, you have not only your closest relationship but also someone who can support you.

Married people also tend to have better physical health than others. Those who are in happy relationships are more likely to take their doctor’s advice and work on their health so they can live a long life with their partner. They also have a big supporter who can help them along the way, which can be especially hard for those who encounter lifestyle changes.

Cohabitating is also good for people, in general, but married people reap greater benefits than those who are together but not married. Receiving love and support from your partner, who is also invested in you and your accomplishments, has a huge impact on individual life outcomes.



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