Meagan Goode Discusses Bleaching Her Skin


By: Krystle Crossman

Meagan Goode, a well-known actress from “Think Like a Man Too”, is tired of hearing rumors about her and the color of her skin. She took to Twitter to vent her frustration and try to debunk any claims that she lightens or bleaches her skin. This has been a rumor that has gone around about many different celebrities, but she felt that enough was enough when it came to her skin.

Goode posted a very lengthy note on Twitter. She stated how she wouldn’t normally bother with this type of stuff because rumors are just rumors and she knows that they aren’t true and doesn’t care. This time however she said that she has a lot of young women that follow her and she wants to make sure that they understand that she does not have a problem with the color of her own skin and neither should they. She states that she loves every complexion from dark to light and especially loves her own. Goode says that she has never tried to lighten her complexion for any reason.

She states in the note that sometimes her skin does look lighter in photos but that is not because of something that she is doing. People fail to think about different lighting and editing that photographer’s use. The skin is going to be much lighter in a photo by the paparazzi because of the flash that is direct and harsh on their camera as opposed to a correct lighting set up in a studio. She also says that sometimes complexions change depending on how much sun she gets, just like people with lighter skin when they tan. She likes to get sun but she tries not to get too much of it because it ages you. She states, “This is my complexion-the one I was born with” and that she would never change it.

Goode also comments about rumors that have surfaced about her hair color. People have claimed that she dyed her hair blonde in an effort to look more Caucasian. She stated that she dyed her hair blonde for the same reason that she has dyed it purple…she wanted to.



  1. But she lied and did bleached her skin like a lot of black celebrities. SMH. Go back and look at her skin complexion when she first started compared to now.

  2. I’ve know Megan’s mother and her extended family since she was a pre-teen. Megan has always been the same color all those years. Her mother is a little lighter than she is.

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