No Milk: How To Get Your Calcium Without Dairy


By: Krystle Crossman

Being dairy-free can be a challenge. It is a challenge to get in your daily calcium when you are not drinking milk or eating yogurt. Young women should get around 1,000mg of calcium per day and that can be very hard to do when you are dair-free. Calcium can help to build strong bones and teeth and is also great for a healthy heart. Here are some foods that you can buy at the grocery store that are not dairy foods but will still give you a great amount of calcium.

1. Salmon: If you eat the canned salmon there are small edible bones that are packed in there. Those little bones are full of calcium. You can get around 180mg per serving. Not only that but you will get a healthy dose of omega-3s which are great for your skin and your hair.

2. White beans: There are many different types of white beans but just half a cup of any of them will give you 113mg of calcium per serving. They are great to throw in a salad and in chili. They also make a great hummus if you don’t like chickpeas. Along with the calcium you get protein as well.

3. Tofu: This is one of the best non-dairy foods that will give you a ton of calcium. Just one serving of tofu has over 258mg in just half a cup. This is the same amount as in a cup of yogurt.

4. Kale: Kale is a delicious green leafy vegetable that is great in salad or on its own as a side dish. Per serving you will get 60mg per cooked half cup. While that may not sound like much you can add it to every meal of the day and it will start to add up.

5. Chinese cabbage: Also known as Napa cabbage, this leafy veggie has a huge amount of calcium. In just one half-cup serving you will get 239mg of calcium.

6. Sardines: Just like the salmon there are tiny but edible bones in sardines that can rack up the calcium. You will get 185mg per two ounce serving as well as protein and omega-3s.



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