No Strings Attached: Why Men Say No To Casual $ex


noBy: Krystle Crossman

If you approached a man on the street, any random guy, and asked him if he would have s*x with you, no strings attached, what do you think he would say? You may be thinking, well of course he would say yes, he’s a guy, but the answer might surprise you.

A social experiment was conducted by a group called Whatever. A very attractive girl walked up to random men on the street and flat out asked them if they would have s*x with her. Some were even walking with their girlfriends when she walked up to them. Surprisingly however, only half of the men that she approached said yes, but many were skeptical that it was a trick or that they were on some kind of hidden camera show. One man even called the police on her!

Another group performed this same experiment around 25 years ago, but during that study 75% of the men agreed. Have men lost their mojo? Not likely. This experiment could show that men are now smarter and more careful about who they choose to have s*x with. Thanks to better education on the subject of s*x many people are aware of STDs and the consequences of hooking up with no strings attached, especially what it can do to your emotions in the long run.

Men are slowly becoming more thoughtful about relationships which is great for women. If you asked a man about his first date with a woman, you would expect them to follow the stereotype and talk about how they did or didn’t get laid. However this does not seem to be the case anymore. Men pay more attention to the actual date and getting to know the woman instead of just focusing on s*x as the end goal.



  1. I do not beleive this survey the majority of men are not going to turn down having sex period especially with an attractive Woman wheather he knows her or not wheather it’s the first date or the second date.

    • Exactly! We already know not ALL but it appears that the majority of men is only interested in casual $ex. So I’m not fully in agreement with this study either unless they surveyed those men who were mainly interested or in pursuit of long term relationships.

  2. Rosemary you are way off.
    I’m surprised 50 percent agreed to have sex with a stranger. In these modern, liberated days finding a sex partner is not a big deal for most men. Women outnumber men 5 to 1, there are plenty of available women. But more importantly, it’s not like the 1950’s where women were saving themselves for marriage. Women are sexually open. So, like I said, sex is not a big deal these days for men. We can get it. We can be choosy.
    Random girl. No way. Who knows where she’s been or what she’s got. Say it again, they’re no longer saving themselves for marriage.
    P.S. I am married so I would have turned her down (even if she were Halle Berry– well maybe.)

  3. I believe this study is two-fold. When taking surveying demographics play more of a role than anything. That’s marketing 101, since they did not disclose any specific information about the men they surveyed I find it hard to believe this survey represents the male population. The reality is a response from men between the ages of 18-25 years of age will differ significantly from the responses from men between the ages of 35-45 and so on. This biggest indicator that this survey was flawed was the fact that they asked men while they were in the presence of other women (let alone if it was a wife or girlfriend,) this will automatically skew the results. The reality is most men will not answer this question truthfully in the presence of another woman, especially when they are with their wives or girlfriends. Get real! Just like we (women) would not truthfully answer a question that asked us to reveal how many sexual partners we’ve had in front of another man. Some things are better kept to ourselves. In my opinion, this survey was skewed to reach their desired outcome. While I do not believe all men will sleep with anything moving, I know age, education, and environment are play are important factors of their decision.

  4. I agree Roger, s*x is easily accessible nowadays so men can use discretion when choosing a partner. Why sleep with a random woman when they have a few other well known choices they can easily turn to.