Nomalanga’s Mindful Mondays: Are You Any Fun To Be Around?


DSC_3198By Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

I often hear people talk about being bored or calling other people boring. Then there are those men and women who look lovingly into their future spouse’s eyes and declare that they are going to make them happy.

I don’t believe that anyone can make another person happy anymore than I believe that there are any boring people. When we find other people boring, it is often because they are not a fit or a match with us, in terms of interests and temperaments.

In the case of the couple who vow to make each other happy; I have news for them: you can’t make anyone happy. Happiness, or joy comes from within and you would have to live with or work with an extremely discontent person to realize that. There are people who are determined to be miserable and nothing that anyone does will please them; they always find something wrong.

This week, as you start each day, be mindful of yourself. Are you the person who is discontent no matter what anyone does or doesn’t do?..or are you the person who others miss when you’re absent?

Make a point of being a person that others want to be around, even if you spend most of your time by yourself. Whether you are alone or in a crowd, being mindful of your thoughts and steering them towards what you want and away from what you don’t want is a good start. Negative people are not necessarily bad people; they are people who focus more on what they don’t want than on what they do want – that’s why most of us don’t want to be around them. Negative thoughts typically bread bad feelings and a lot of complaining.

The simple question you have to regularly ask yourself is “Am I any fun to be around?” If the answer is “no,” then you probably need to start with adjusting your thought life; focus more on what you have and what you want. You don’t need to focus on what you don’t want and you can limit your thoughts about what you don’t have to the times when you have to formulate a strategy  for how you will get it.

Have a great week and remember: be fun to be around, even when the only person around is you.

Nomalanga is a Life Balance Expert. Her speaking and coaching programs help busy women who struggle to balance Marriage, Motherhood and Money-Making™. Nomalanga is an experienced instructor, author and avid blogger.

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    LMBO!! Yes I’m laughing because when I think about “REDBONE” my alternate personality “I am fun to be around”, and it is totally about the love and peace that is within an individual.
    People who have excepted themselves for who they are, and have become content with who God has created them to be, thru the negatives & positives are free-spirited individuals and are so much fun to be around. They don’t try to control other peoples lives because they give people room to grow and make mistakes.

      • LOL…..wink! Your a great editor, and your real, something about your name sticks out… many blessings and never be afraid to go for it 100%… Thank you for the time sister.

  2. The article is on point. Now lets see how many sisters will stop hiding who they are and take those wigs and weaves off their heads and start embracing who they are and how God made them ?

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