Nonprofit Owned by Black Women Seeks to Turn More of Their Fellow Sisters Into Fortune 500 Business Owners


By Victor Trammell

Three black millennial women are using their nonprofit organization as a conduit for black women who are part of the growing trend of establishing themselves as entrepreneurs.

According to MadameNoire Magazine, Lauren Bealore, Brittany Colston, and Courtney Griffin are using their Young, Ambitious, and Beautiful nonprofit entity to help more black women become owners and managers of businesses that are recognized as Fortune 500 companies.

MadameNoire’s May 22nd report on this tremendous trio of business-mined black women covered a recent interview they conducted with NBC News. Bealore, Colston, and Griffin are aware of the fact that there are presently no black women running or owning any Fortune 500 companies today.

However, this reality has not stopped these three young women from getting a good start on what many would consider to be an impossible goal to achieve.

“If we keep continuing to treat business as if it’s a side project and not as if it’s to create a conglomerate or movement or an enterprise, then I think that’s one step closer to changing what we have historically found with women of color and business being synonymous.” Bealore said, according to NBC News.

Bealore and her Young, Ambitious, and Beautiful co-founders have already secured 30 venture partners and a 3000-strong online community of black business people who are looking to partner with venture capitalists and funding partners, MadameNoire reports.

In her talk with NBC News, Bealore shared some very helpful pointers for black women who are either aspiring to be entrepreneurs or in the early stages of building a business.

“I feel like ‘growing’ is synonymous with getting your face out there, being ‘in the room’ but then there’s a difference between being ‘in the room’ and being ‘at the table.'” Bealore went on to say.

“I feel like a table is where a lot of the decisions are made; decisions that affect people economically and the decisions that affect communities and I think that is where things could be shaken up a little bit more,” she continued.

To learn more about the Young, Ambitious, and Beautiful organization, or to become a member of its online community, please click here.

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