OK Dentist Office Shut Down, Patients Tested Positive for HIV & Hepatitis



By Staff Blogger

Dr. Scott Harrington, a Tulsa, Oklahoma oral surgeon is in hot water. His practice was closed due to health concerns. When blood tests were performed on patients who had been to the practice recently, 57 tested positive for Hepatitis C, 3 have Hepatitis B, and 3 have HIV which is the virus that can cause AIDS.

There are still more patients that need to have blood tests done and interviews that need to be conducted, in the investigation, before they can say whether they were contracted at the dentist’s office or not. This would be an extremely rare occurrence if they find that the diseases were contracted there.

So far the health officials have screened 3,122 people that have been to that particular practice. They want 7,000 patients to be tested so they are not even halfway through yet. Dr. Harrington has been accused of improper sterilization of his tools, which could mean his patients contracted blood-borne diseases.

His attorney is claiming that Dr. Harrington has an impeccable record. The state board of dentistry, however, is saying that he is a menace to the public and should not be allowed to practice anymore due to his unsanitary conditions at the clinic. They have filed a 17-count complaint against the oral surgeon. According to the CDC, there have only been three reported cases of blood-borne diseases being transmitted through a dental office.

As more tests are conducted, the numbers may rise, but that many people with blood-borne diseases is already far too high. Hepatitis C and HIV currently have no cure, so these people have the disease for life and are going to undergo a lifetime of medical care. Many lawsuits could be filed if it is found that the practice was at fault.