Plastic Surgeon “Perfects” Woman and Then Marries Her


By: Krystle Crossman

David Matlock is a plastic surgeon based in Los Angeles. He opened his own practice called the Los Angeles Laser [email protected] Rejuvination Institute and was boosted to fame via the show Dr. 90210. One day he had a consultation with a woman by the name of Veronica. What started as a [email protected] rejuvenation turned into a marriage.

He said that when he first saw her it was love at first sight. However he convinced Veronica to have the surgery that he calls the “Wonder Woman Makeover”. This surgery includes liposuction of the thighs, arms, and chin. She agreed to the surgery. They went on one date and he proposed.

As their relationship progressed he began taking his skills as a plastic surgeon and began to “build” his perfect woman. He said that he has also had work done on himself as well. Veronica’s 9 year old daughter says that she would never get surgery and would want to just be herself. Many of their family members were not exactly supportive of all of the surgeries.

In 2007 Matlock was sued 10 times in 10 years for malpractice. The Medical Board of California tried to revoke his license in 1998 for fraud, negligence, and dishonesty. He settled and took a four year probation.

There is much criticism about the [email protected] rejuvenation surgery that he pioneered because there is nothing to support that the surgery is medically necessary or has any actual benefits. In 2007 the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists released a statement that it is not a medically necessary procedure and that women should be more informed about the lack of research that there is out there for this surgery.



  1. Who said vaginal rejuvenation is not necessary? It’s absolutely necessary for women who had given birth to several children vaginally. Why do you think prefer younger women?

  2. She better not get pregnant or gain weight or she may get replaced by a new younger model of herself. The nerve of the egomaniac.

  3. Marcus I agree with you. There is no perfect anything but the Universe and that power. He is so full of himself and poor woman she has fallen under his spell. I wonder if he charged her for all those surgeries?

  4. He’s married the image which he created. Now, he’ll be patching on her for the rest of their lives together.
    If they have kids, the kids will look like the image that dad discarded.
    She’s getting the long end of the stick.

  5. Spivey L. Gordon on

    I see nothing wrong with what the surgeon did in improving the appearance of this woman. I think there is to much cynicism being pass around. I’m sure the two will enjoy together a long and happy life. Wish them well.

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