Porsha Williams Looks Flawless; Her Trainer Shares Her Secrets To The New Look


porsha flawlessBy Krystle Crossman

Porsha Williams has been in the news quite a bit over the last few months. First it was for her messy divorce. Now it is because of her physical dispute with Kenya Moore, another cast member on Real Housewives of Atlanta, while they were on the RHOA reunion show. Now she is making headlines for her beautiful figure, that she is proudly displaying after a lot of hard work and vigorous fitness routines.

Williams stepped out the other day in a red dress with a plunging neck line and body-hugging form. She started her routines just two weeks ago after receiving a lot of criticism from viewers.

She has a personal trainer to help her along the way. His name is Darrell Patterson and he is the founder of Raising the Bar. Patterson states that Williams shows up early for every workout session and is always working hard to get the results that she is now seeing.

It was a little easier for Porsha to achieve the look that she wanted as she already had a pretty good figure. What she is working on now is toning up the muscles and tightening everything up. She has been watching her diet and restricting some of her favorite foods. Patterson says that he has been trying to keep her away from too much alcohol as well.

Williams did an interview on The View about her new slim and trim figure. After that she spoke about the fight that she had with Kenya Moore. She said it all started when Kenya accused her of cheating on her now ex-husband, Kordell. Moore filed charges for the fight against Williams, but she may be firing back with a suit of her own against Moore.



  1. Herman Hawkins Jr. on

    Why are we celebrating ANY of these so-called “real housewives”. If it wasn’t for the garbage heap that is “reality TV” which is nothing more than a form of VTB(video tuberculosis), rightfully no one would have heard about the likes of this woman or any or her cohorts. The very fact that they are public figures and even worse the very fact that this particular websites promotes these women are nauseating to me.

    • LMBO!!! @Herman H. too funny! cause they sure aren’t real actors are they… JUST A BUNCH OF MESS THAT BLACK FOLKS WATCH /PROMOTED VIOLENCE…

    • @Diane S.

      Kenya is nothing more then an opportunist with a dried-up spirit. She’s not an ugly woman but the insecure ugliness shines from with-in her, and its a pitiful mess. This type of woman will pay millions to keep herself looking young and will still never ever be pleased with the real Kenya. She has some very very serious personality issues beyond the show.
      Her character makes me wanna “PUK”… She can’t even be compared to NeNe / two different people, and NeNe on the forreal side is actually a very very neat strong black-women (not perfect) but worth getting to know outside of the screen.
      Porsha is just a baby growing up and learning some life lessons like many of us.

  2. Kenya provoked Porsha to anger, waving an object at anyone is a Threatening behavior, Kenya was belittling Porsha, I hope Porsha bring charges of her own against Kenya. I hope Porsha gets the help she needs to become a stronger person and let the actions of people like Kenya roll off her back.

  3. Karma paid Kenya back when she was in a fashion show in Vegas and her foot slipped and she tumbled down the stage on her head and a***zz. It was too funny. I’m sure Porsha loved it. I did.

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