Relationships: The Newest Major Deal Breaker For Finding Love


woman-working-at-home1By: Krystle Crossman surveyed 1,000 people about credit scores and how it would affect a future relationship. The results were that 30% of women and 20% of men said that they would not marry someone who has a low credit score. Most of the people who took the survey also said that how they handle their money is an important trait that needs to be looked at when choosing a potential spouse.

Women especially seemed to be concerned with their partner’s financial well-being as they responded that financial compatibility and financial responsibility were ranked as high as s*x and intimacy, career ambition, and physical attraction when looking for a spouse. The men said that being financially savvy is just about as important as physical attraction, a little less important than s*x and intimacy, and far more important than career ambition.

57% of men say that a credit score takes part in helping them decide whether they have found a partner or not. 75% of women said they would go by the actual credit score because that number is made up of past and present credit histories as well as current accounts they have open and it is one of the most effective. One woman even said that she would not give out her phone number to a man unless he shares his credit score with her.

So why the big fuss? What does a credit score have to do with finding love? Well, quite a bit actually. When you get married you assume all financial liability for each other and that means all the debt too. If you marry someone with a really low credit score, they could end up costing you thousands when it comes to mortgages and car loans. This coupled with the fact that they don’t know how to manage money can lead to a financial disaster for your family.



  1. Another reason why so many educated black women are single. Keep piling those non negotiable's up and see what you're left with sistas. Think about it, most women want him educated, making more than she is, no past criminal record, taller than her, good in bed, funny, totally monogamous, no kids, nice car, lives in suburbs, wants kids, makes her feel special, has good communication, and has a good family background. oh yeah i forgot, good credit. Good luck with finding all that ladies. You're looking for PERFECTION.

  2. Absolutely a persons credit score should be a determining factor and could very well be a deal breaker. I want to see her credit report and her credit score and I have no problem producing mine which is above 800. A woman’s credit score will tell you a lot about the woman. Read her credit report thoroughly and you will find out if she’s an irresponsible frivolous wasteful spender. I have another one for you as a simple means test. if she doesn’t have a net worth of 50K bare minimum then you probably should leave her alone and that’s a low figure. In today’s times in any relationship keep your accounts & assets separate and it’s probably best especially if one partners assets far out weigh the others “don’t get married”. And men what ever you do don’t fall for that BS of “if you loved me you’d marry me”. Bottom line here if she “Ain’t” got shit you don’t want her.

  3. Did you notice that credit score and being fiscally responsible was important to men also… the female comment abt asking for a credit score is Brothas can be just as picky and demanding as sisters! Why is monogamy on your list?

  4. Actually it was important to brothas but significantly more important to Sistas. I put monogamy on the list as just another thing that is important to women. Not to say it's not important, just a part of long list of things. Many of which guys don't even think are important

  5. So now I am to believe that Transunion can do a better job finding me a wife than I can? There are way too many variables to consider to make a credit score a major factor in my dating process. As humans, we should be able to assess things a computer can’t. A snapshot credit score doesn’t tell me that my mate missed a car payment because she had to bury her father. It also doesn’t tell me her Master Card was closed because she lost her job because she refused to sleep with her boss or that she filed for bankruptcy because her son’s cancer surgery put a strain on her finances 5 years ago.

    On the other hand, an exceptional credit score doesn’t automatically make her a responsible person. How many times did daddy kick in to pay the bills, or better yet, how many times did sugar daddy leave her some $$$ after his weekly visit? How would you like to hear the woman you want to marry maintained an 800 credit score from all the extra money she made being an escort or stripping in her spare time?

    I would never put that much weight on someone’s credit score cause that number can mean a lot of different things. You would be stupid to look at a credit score as a judge of one’s character. Finding someone that I can get along with that treats me nice and is overall a good person is so much more important to me than what the credit bureau says about you. The more we continue to embrace white institutional standards as a means of assessing our compatibility with one another, the more we will se our marriage rates decrease and our single parents rates increase. Sure the info is helpful when assessing how your finances may intertwine in the future which could possibly be a red flag. But I would have to find something pretty extreme before I would let it be a deal breaker.

  6. No surprises here. Typical black females. Money, money, money.

    Most people on the dating scene, especially women, either have: 1) good credit scores, few material possessions, and probably living at home with mother OR: 2) the fancy house, car, wardrobe, credit cards tapped out, utilities being shut off every other month.

    Fewer people on the dating scene, especially with today’s economy, have enough income for a house, car, wardrobe, and high credit score.

    And when you meet somebody, their first concern, and many times their only concern, is whether you can or are willing to buy it for them or help them pay for it.

    But make no mistake. We are paying the price for our attitudes. That is why you have epidemic numbers of single black women and why America keeps laughing at us.

  7. If people can’t see that this article is strictly based on a ploy created by the system of creditors & etc to make their scoring system more necessary, you may be none the wiser. Systems that keep creating all these secondary discriminatory measures against each other are NOT acceptable. If you are a cash only person, you wouldn’t have a score either. We should not allow other people to dictate unnatural ways in which we relate to each other. Man has mated, procreated and lived since the dawn of our time without having to use a freaking SCORE to accomplish that.

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