Relationships:There Are No Good Men Because There Are No Good Women!


no good menBy Lorie Hardy

I know it’s been said time and time again, from family, friends to co-workers that it’s hard to find a good partner because there are none out there!  Even with the latest technology, the Internet, we still seem to be falling short in finding a compatible partner.

I’ve had conversations  with a lot of women who complain about this dilemma, but in the same breath, they are frustrated about their boo “Jerome, Larry or Tyrone” living in their house not working, not fixing anything that’s broken, including  hitting her upside the head, impregnating her every 10 months,  but she consistently tolerates it.  My question is, why?  All you are doing is creating a “no good man”.  If you are contributing to the problem, you can’t complain about it as well.

Women have all the power, we have the power to make the decision if we want to be pursued by that man or wait for the next one.  It’s the man that should be doing the chasing, not the other way around.   But somewhere along the lines, they seem to have relinquished their power in order to be “boo’ed up” with the wrong man or at least one that people visually classify as one.  I know that there is a male shortage out there, and everybody wants someone.  But do you have to lower your standards to be treated disrespectfully in order to receive an inkling of love?

Protect your finances, your integrity and your heart by being patient and observing a partner for a period of time before you move forward to the next level.  There is no time period as to when you have to make a decision as to when you want to have a committed relationship.  Communication is the key and patience is the door.  Give a partner time to show you who they really are so you can make a positive decision if they are compatible with you, instead of rushing to be coupled up and have a negative outcome.

Love doesn’t hurt you intentionally.  Love doesn’t disrespect you.  Love doesn’t receive and not give.  Love will support you, care for you and make you feel secure.  You should always love yourself first in order to love someone else; because that will shield you from allowing someone to treat you badly.  Then you won’t be contributing to the “no good man” pool.

Lorie Hardy is the author of “There Are No Good Men Because There Are No Good Women”.  She has a passion to empower women and children in all aspects of life.  She is a weekly guest on the “Straight Talk” internet show.  She is a writer and director.  Visit Lorie at ,, or on twitter @empowermnt4life



  1. I don’t like the title of this article. The author has it all twisted and is actually putting the cart before the horse. If women are out of control, the men are ALREADY out of control. After all, the men are suppose to be the leaders. You can’t blame women for what is wrong with men if he is already doing his job as a man. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said it so well when he said ‘there is no such thing as a no good woman. Every no good woman was made that way by a no good man.’

    • I agree. The title rubbed me the wrong way as well. But it’s a writing tactic. It worked.Lured us in! Still, the article does have undertones of blamingBW women for an entire community. It’s 50-50. And there are cultural aspects(BM are encouraged to play the field!) as well that most of us fail to realize or even acknowledge.

  2. Women DO NOT have all the power. Man was created first. If everyone would stay in the role they were created we wouldn’t have these issues much. Society in America has been set up for everyone to be independent, even in marriage. Now how is that going to work without conflict? It doesn’t because then both are out of role play. A woman was created as a companion for man not to be mistreated!

  3. Why women cannot see how they could essentially start/stop wars with their prowess is absolutely beyond me. Not saying women should utilize sexuality to control men, but face it, men ARE the weaker genders when it comes to reactive response to the female. They are I believe, biologically “bred” to impregnate many females, then move on as other mammals do in creation. (I know this sounds absurd to many), but it’s how I comprehend human creation and gender role assignments. Instead, most females (and males), fall into the learned behavioral “assignments” which are the major culprits in creating all sorts of friction between the sexes. As far as today’s American society goes; the woman has lost much of her beauty and diviness, which were the natural wiles that attracted men. They have all but lowered their own self worth, and have lost much of the chivalry once extended to them. Men find it extremely easy to disrespect most women today-and even the women who demands respect must remind some men to treat them…not like the lower female behaves.

  4. Very good article and adequately named. I’m of a mind that you are what you attract and how you treat yourself is how you attract also. So if yr subserviant than you’ll attract a master and if you treat yourself like a maid – you attract a master. If you’re a lady who always treat ppl the way you want to be treated and you treat yourself with respect – you’ll attract yr prince. I believe that God made Man first becuz he needed a rough draft – for those that believe otherwise – yr entitled, but you always make a rough draft before you make the ideal. I don’t believe that anyone is perfect but I believe in God and I know He believes in me. I don’t wear costumes so I have to be who I am and He sends me the same. Thank U Father!!!!

  5. When I saw the picture with the article, I thought it was going to go in another direction. I thought the rationale would be that men cheat because there are women out there to cheat with. This is my thought anyway. If a man is in a commited relationship and he approaches another female and she says no..then that would be that

  6. No ma’am! This article is wrong. There are no good men because there are no good fathers around to teach them how to be good men in the first place. The author can’t blame women for not having a quality pool of men to choose from. Some women try to dust them off and raise them up to the standard she wants in a mate but it usually backfires and is too much work. Unfortuantely women will either have to take this route, date outside her race, or be single for the rest of life.

  7. The problem is that too many sistas accept these unacceptable behaviors from SOME MEN!! I feel a woman has to demand what she wants from a man. A woman has to realize what is her worth!! Also, women need to always remember that they do not have to accept a man treating them any kind of way. If one dude doesn’t appreciate you, another will certainly will! Lastly ladies, there are PLENTY OF MEN out here who will treat you well, including brothas!

    May God bless

  8. This article is silly seeing how a majority of people have been raised by women for decades. I blame women for raising sorry men and slurry women. Just saying.