Research Says Couples Get Fat When They Really Love Each Other


By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses

Photo credits: Caribbean360

The catchphrase “fat and happy” is often used to playfully and affectionately describe the bliss couples experience after they have established a high level of comfort together.

However, a collective of professional research studies, which were conducted in recent history have actually legitimized the interchangeable “fat and happy” euphemism in a literal sense. Three different research teams at the University of Queensland, Australia, Southern Methodist University of Dallas, Texas, and Australia’s Central Queensland University all focused on the link between obese couples and their unified level of happiness.

The findings of these three professional research studies were all based on proof, which was extracted from thousands of people who volunteered themselves as subjects for statistical analysis. For an example, the research team at the University of Queensland, Australia analyzed over 6,000 women alone over the course of 10 years. The researchers found that a vast portion of women aged 20-30 gained significant weight during their relationships.

At Southern Methodist University, a total of 169 couples were analyzed over a four-year period in recent history. This professional research team were able to prove that the risk of substantial weight gain for men and women over the course each couple’s relationship was very high. The research team at Central Queensland University embarked on a different approach in their quest to examine the link between obesity and happily established couples.

The findings of this study were based on statistical data, which was used to determine whether or not being in a serious romantic relationship is conducive to establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Central Queensland University’s nine-year study analyzed around 15,000 people with an average age of 52. The research team here proved that the subjects had significantly higher body mass indices than their single counterparts.

In conclusion, the two aforementioned universities, which conducted research studies on the link between happiness and obese couples also found that their single counterparts did not struggle with weight gain as much.



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