S. Tia Brown Explains: You Might Want the Bad Boy, But Marrying Him Might be Silly



S. Tia Brown is the Entertainment Director at Jet Magazine.  She is also a trained therapist at Columbia University, so she knows a little bit about relationships and how to make them work.  These days, there are a bunch of shows out that seem to clown relationships and show just how stupid and ugly they can get.  One great example is “Basketball Wives,” where most of the “wives” have never been married.  That’s how crazy the world has become.

Brown recently wrote about the new season of the show, “Married to the Game,” featuring the rapper “The Game” and his ex-fiancee, Tiffney Cambridge.   The funny thing about the show is that it was originally designed around their relationship and pending marriage, but ran into a snag when the two decided not to get married after all.

Brown talks about the differences that the couple had, and why it doesn’t make sense for an educated, civilized woman to want to spend her life with a rapper who parties for a living.

Well, actually Tiffney nixed it because she felt his behavior was too…well rapper-like (you know, partying; traveling with women, besides her; and allowing his posse to set up shop in their home). And he felt she was too damn respectable (she be reading) and demanding (she wanted the crew to stop hanging out in her living room)— at least that’s my interpretation.

In her article, Brown tries to figure out if Tiffney is barking up the wrong tree, believing in a situation that will only lead to her demise.   She also wonders if The Game should stop fantasizing about what Tiffney could be and start looking at her for what she actually is.

Watching the show, I always have mixed feelings. Sometimes I wonder whether Tiffney is totally delusionally optimistic. She’s hitched her heart to a younger buck, who loves partying, p***y and stacking dough. Yet, she expects him to shake it off. Similarly, Game was seemingly attracted to Tiffney’s laid-back, yet strong girl-next-door swag, but he expects her to live a music video treatment lifestyle of partying and bullsh**ting.  This begs the question, why would this work?

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  1. Beyond the age of 18 what is the imperative of social or biological drive to date an “Bad Boy” & at what point is not learning & adapting from lifes lessons & experience becomes “mental illness”

  2. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.
    How do you continue to seek what it is that you know is BAD for you, expecting to turn it good? The psychological aspect of this particular phenomenon is similar to the Stockholm syndrome in falling for the enemy, then again that could also relate to interracial dating as well. Regardless, it’s interesting to see the defense of this particular philosophy.

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