Scary: Why More Women Are Getting Caught Drinking and Driving


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Drinking and driving is a scary problem and it is increasing in the US despite warnings and PSAs about the dangers. In fact, there has been a 29% increase in the number of women who are convicted of DUIs between 1998 and 2007. Statistics from the FBI are showing that in 2011 women made up 25% of those arrested for drunk driving which is up 10% from numbers in the 80s. So why are women becoming more careless as the years go on?

Women spend more time out on the road in their cars than men tend to. The number of women in the workforce has increased substantially over the last few decades so there are more women out on the roads. Shifts in what is socially acceptable are also a reason more women are driving as their partners tend to ride shotgun more often.

We could also look at the growing number of social gatherings that are geared towards women. Girls’ night out is a very popular theme at bars and clubs where women get discounts on drinks or no cover charge. This is enticing women to drink more. Recent studies have shown that college women are now more into binge drinking than college males are.

Another thing to look at is the way the female body works. Females have a lower water volume in their bodies than men do, which means they can become intoxicated with less alcohol intake than men. Depending on what she has eaten that day, just one beer can push a woman over the 0.08 BAC limit.

If you are planning on a night out on the town make sure that you have a designated driver or have the money for a cab. If you have to drive, limit yourself to one drink and make sure you have eaten beforehand. The number of drunk driving arrests and accidents can be reduced, but it is up to you.



  1. Peter D. Slaughter on

    Sorry to read this and maybe some of these women drinkers should stay out of these clubs and bars after leaving work from tryng to get their drinkey on.
    It would be better to make it home,drink,get drunk and pass out at home instead of being on the road and crashing

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