Shaunie O’Neal Disappointed in Court; Judge Rules In Shaq’s Favor About Kids, Reality Show


shaunie n kidsBy: Krystle Crossman

Shaunie and Shaquille O’Neal have had a very messy relationship. It has also been very public. They got divorced in 2009 amid rumors of infidelity on Shaq’s part (which he later admitted to in an interview). Shaunie, who was behind the show as well as one of the cast of Basketball Wives, was no stranger to drama and even had to sign a clause from Shaq’s lawyers that she was not allowed to talk about their marriage on the reality show. Now that she is no longer on Basketball Wives she is trying to venture out on her own with a reality show that is based on her life with her four children but Shaq is not having it.

The O’Neals were back in court to discuss the matter but Shaq is afraid that camera crews around the house day and night will be too big a distraction for the kids. A couple of them are struggling in school and he fears that this would just make things worse.

Shaq is also worried that a reality show about his family will portray not only Shaunie, but his children in a negative way. She claims that the show would be wholesome and about fun with the family however her viewers from Basketball Wives would probably agree with Shaq and his reservations about this due to her behavior on the show. She loves drama. The show was scheduled to begin filming in January but for right now it is put on hold. Shaunie still has time to fight to get her show on the air, but first she is going to have to convince Shaq that it will not be harmful to her children or their reputation as a family.



  1. Drama and me are “DONE”! I don’t miss her at all . Peace comes from within. Live in PEACE. Children don’t needed and should never be taught it. Allow them to live as children.

    • Who are you READ & THINK ???
      I know your not just anybody. Your not just the norm when it comes to bloggers because I can discern you… your writings and your quotes speak for itself…human anyway I agree with Shaq !

    • And your coming out of a tenacious adventure… I remember something you said in another one of your post… Humm what happen to you.. Some kind of separation or divorce.

    • WHAT are you trying to say?? As usual, un-educated black women hating on each other. Hey people, stop watching all this nonsense TV, learn how to speak and spell before you comment

  2. Those kids don’t need to be a part of that ignorant, ratchet, mess of a “reality” show. Glad the judge ruled in favor of NOT putting the kids on the show.

  3. Shaunie is getting money hungry and becoming a fame whore. If she didn’t make enough money off that Basketball Wives wreck of a show, she doesn’t deserve another show. Especially one exploiting her kids. Shaq should take his last name back Then where would she be.

    • Even if she does have another show I myself would not be interested in tuning in. To me the only thing she did was sleep with and marry an NBA player. He’s the star — not her.

  4. I’m glad the judge ruled against that foolishness. Why in the world would she want her kids to be followed around by cameras all the time? They need to be left out of all that foolishness so they can be allowed to be kids! What is wrong with her? She’s greedy for money and will do whatever she needs to get some. She should know better than to try and exploit hwr children like that. That is a damn shame. Good for Shaq for looking out for the best interests of his children. Lord knows she’s not.

  5. Why in the world would she try and exploit her children like that? They need to be left alone so they can be kids. She us greedy for money and will try and get it any way she can, including using her children. Good for Shaq for standing up for the best interests of his children. Lord knows Shaunue wasn’t.

  6. Men& women will be lovers of money, themselves, haughty, selfish, loose conduct, children will talk back talk back to parents. & this book was written how long ago? & everything that it foretold about our time is happenning.

  7. Its really sad how African Americans in MEDIA are so d**m proud to flaunt family pictures of broken homes… First stupid-azz P Diddy, now its dumb-azz Shaunie… *and this is what the root of all evil does right!!! So fools still believe that money can buy anything.. SADDDDD…..

  8. Kathryn Redicspencer on

    I so sick of HATERs. You people kill me. I think it okay to do the show on her life. We her all day abouts them dam Kardasians we wawe want to hear about our own people. IT CAUSE SHAQ and not talking about him and rachette Girlfriend. Shaunie is a genius to think out the box. When Shaq moma on tv about some soup nothing said. Let her invrease her money skills. I applause you Go girl.

    • People need to keep in mind before these wives run away with their divorce settlement$ they sign a gag order … The scenario where these ex-wives come back via media as victims or to exploit their association to the celebrities is definitely a play for sympathizers…

    • Nobody in this thread is hating on Shaunie, we said we agree with Shaq and the judges decision. The kids dont need to be a part of that hot ghetto mess of a reality show, so the show must go on without them. The show wont lack for an audience, it has many fans who love ratchetness. And why is it every time we discuss black people on this forum, do people run up in here talking about what white people or other aces of people are doing? Are black people aspiring to be like the Kardasian [email protected]? Please.

      The big man has spoken.

  9. Children, are always the ones who suffer the most and sometimes blame themselves when a divorce breaks up a family I agree with there father

  10. I don’t have any names to call anyone but her children are not grown like the Kardashian’s so to even compare the two is wrong. If anyone and I do mean anyone thinks it’s ok to show the world what your children is going through because of the decision of grownups then I say you need help and I am not a hater of these celebrities they have too much drama and not enough peace.

  11. The Word states to “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS” Who are we to be so judgemental? The Word also states IF YOU JUDGE SOMEONE YOU WILL BE JUDGED” Every one of us have drama in our lives. I can’t say what Shaunie’s reason is for wanting the reality show but she will be the one who will have to deal with the crazieness NOT ANYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!! Shaq has his reasons also. Everyone need to look at the MAN IN THE MIRROR!!!

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