Soul: The Importance Of Honoring Your Mother & Father


Father-Son1By Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

I have learned that the relationships we get into in our adult lives are hugely affected by the relationships with our mothers and fathers. What this means is that when we run from our past relationships, because they are full of hurt and disappointment, we end up engaging in relationships without fully showing up. It is not until we have learned to accept our past relationships, forgiven ourselves and everyone involved, that we can fully show up in our adult relationships.

I realize that many people have many different experiences in their lives and some are drastically different from mine but the truth is that we all have a choice about what we will focus on. Even if your mother or father abandoned you or was not a responsible parent, remember that they did one very important thing; they participated in your creation and that is a good thing. Be grateful that they participated in your creation.

There are some people who have decided to have a life separate from one or both of their parents and that is obviously their choice and their right but I still encourage them not to hold on to the hurt. Forgiving is free and it is free-ing and even if you never see a person again, forgiving them will make the difference.

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