Squat Exercises: Why and How To Do Them


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

If you aren’t doing squats as part of your workout routine, you should be! They are a way to get quick results and are great for strengthening your leg muscles. According to fitness.mercola.com these are the steps for a proper squat:

1. Warm up

2. Stand with your feet just over shoulder width apart

3. Keep your back in a neutral position, and keep your knees centered over your feet

4. Slowly bend your knees, hips and ankles, lowering until you reach a 90-degree angle

5. Return to starting position — repeat 15-20 times, for 2-3 sets for beginners (do this two or three times a week)

6. Breathe in as you lower, breathe out as you return to starting position

Here are some of the best benefits to doing squats:

– Not only will the muscles in your legs be strengthened, but testosterone is released when doing them properly which helps with overall muscle building.

– You will burn more fat and calories per day when you build more muscle.

– Your behind, back, and abs will be toned and fit.

– Squats are considered a functional exercise which means that they help you improve everyday functions such as walking up stairs or climbing hills.

– You will be able to run faster and jump higher with your fit leg muscles.

– Mobility and balance will be improved. Squats help to build your core which is where a good portion of your balance comes from.

– The exercise of these muscles helps with waste removal from the organs and also promotes healthy bowel movements.

– Strengthening your leg muscles and core muscles helps to prevent injuries, especially if you are into sports.

As a beginner you should add 2 to 3 sets of squats into your routine and as your legs become stronger add more.



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