Study Says Men Are More Satisfied With Marriage When They Have An Attractive Wife


By: Krystle Crossman

What leads to a man being satisfied in his marriage? Is it having a wife who is an equal partner in all aspects of the relationship? Is it having a support system when he comes home and has had a bad day? New research shows that it is none of these things. So what is the one thing that leads to men being more satisfied with married life? Hot wife, happy life.

Psychologist Andrea Meltzer conducted a study where she looked at 450 newly married couples. She studied them for four years and tested out the theory that having an attractive wife meant more satisfaction in the marriage. The results were interesting as that showed that yes, having an attractive spouse lead to a happier marriage, but not for women. Only men showed that this was a factor.

Another interesting result that came from that study was that the women who were attractive stated that they were very happy in their marriages simply because their husband was happy.

In 2008 another study had been conducted that came up with results much like this more current study. It was performed at the Relationship Institute at UCLA. They studied the possibility that men who had hot wives were more likely to take care of their wives’ needs because they felt lucky that they had found someone who was so attractive. They found that the husbands with attractive wives were much more committed to the relationship and were willing to invest more time.

Interestingly enough when men felt that they were more attractive than their wives, they didn’t feel quite as satisfied and weren’t as committed in the relationship as they could have been.



  1. Marriage is supposed to be about love and not your appearance. Beauty in the eyes of the beholder. Also, if someone’s appearance is that important, why would you marry someone who you thought was unattractive.

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