Supermodel Gisele Breatfeeding Photo: Awesome or Outrageous?


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and her NFL hubby Tom Brady recently celebrated their daughter Vivian’s first birthday. Now Bundchen is receiving praise from all over for posting a photo of herself getting her hair, make-up and nails done; all while breastfeeding baby Vivian. While many people seem to have a problem with having to see someone breastfeeding, the response was quite different this time around.

Bundchen began garnering comments that this was a great photo because it showed that you really can be a working woman and a mother at the same time. Others said that she looked like she really had a handle on multitasking. Many thanked her for showing that just because you have a busy lifestyle does not mean that you need to take time away from your children. One person thanked her for “normalizing breastfeeding”.

Unfortunately not all of the comments were good ones. There were a few who decided to have their say in the matter. Denise Albert of had a few choice words about the photo for Good Morning America. She stated that breastfeeding is something that is a personal choice and Gisele’s post was obnoxious and outrageous.

In 2010 after the birth of her son, Benjamin Bundchen, she was criticized for her stance on breastfeeding. She has been very outspoken about how she feels about it. She said that she wouldn’t want her child to be drinking chemicals when they are so little and questioned why any mother would want to do that. She also said that she thought it should be a law that women must breastfeed their child up to at least six months of age. She later came back and apologized for the statement saying that she was not trying to judge anyone.



  1. I think its beautiful and its natural… as far as being a personal thing bull-shyt!!! It should only become a personal thing if that’s the way a woman wants it, but she has no right to choose how another woman choose to feed her baby. Some people are just f**kn petty and controlling (ONLY IN AMERICA)…
    It is men who have made the beautiful mysteries of God ugly in the eyes of man. and judgemental controlling morons need to mind their own damn business because their many of the true-killers and thieves of this nation America.

  2. this loud mouth witch gets on the last nerve I have! Who the heck is she telling post partum women they should breast feed? Breast feeding is a personal choice but her take on multitasking is a joke! Real multitasking is the mom or dad getting up and making sure the family is straight before their day starts! Real MT is putting together a meal when you only have a couple of bucks in your pocket or

  3. Why do women criticize other women for doing what is natural for them? Only in America do you find people passionate about right to life but giving a baby the best start in life is ridiculed.

  4. Whether it is natural or not, the average person does not want to see a child sucking on a woman’s breast. That’s the problem with society today, nobody see’s anything wrong with this immoral behavior, women are always trying to make everything seem so normal. Well this is not normal and I don’t my children or grandchildren to see this kind of behavior. Just whip it out anywhere for everyone to see. Believe me these women have a deeper thought behind this, more like trying to empress someone. All men don’t want to see your nasty breast!! I know I certainly don’t!!!! With all of the germs around you would think sanitation would be important but I guess not. I’m sick of this immoral behavior these so called women are displaying, especially on tv! Believe you me, you are not all of that!!!!!

    • JC…

      And no women wants to see your nasty sweaty donkey-azz running around the neighborhood or the gym with no shirt on thinking yo azz is all that either… what happen to you!!! are you jealous because yo mammi didn’t breast-feed yo sorry donkey-butt…

  5. Wow. Some people are just crazy. So it is ok for adults to eat in public but it is not ok for a baby to do the same? Really?
    Nudity and eroticism are everywhere but no one complains about that.
    Kids learn about sex right in front of you, when you are all watching your favourite tv shows.
    But still, you think that a mother feeding her child is obnoxious and outrageous.
    Breasts are nasty? You need help, I mean it.

    • ST…
      JC’s a d**m fool with no F*kn morales at all, bastard just likes to hear himself talk. and he’s not a women (I THINK)… he could be an angry HE-SHE mad because he’s mastered everything except creating a baby…LMAO

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