Supplements To Boost Your Beauty Routine


towelBy Staff Blogger

As we age, we all wish that we could have better looking skin, less wrinkles, less gray hair and so on. Some women resort to plastic surgery, while some resort to spa treatments and yet others let themselves age gracefully. Did you know that there are supplements that you can take that will help as you get older and can retain some of that natural beauty we all possess?

1. Fern Extract – Along with using sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher, you can also take antioxidant supplements such as Heliocare or SunPill which contain fern extract to ward off UV rays and prevent wrinkles. For best results, take one a day a week before a beach trip.

2. Biotin – Take 2.5mg daily of biotin which is a B vitamin. It helps to prevent nail breakage from too much chlorine or salt and is especially good for swimmers.

3. Idebenone – This antioxidant goes deep into the skin to help repair the damaged cells. In essence this means younger looking skin.

4. Primrose & Black Currant Oil – For healthy skin, hair, and nails you can’t go wrong with this combination. They both contain gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). 500 mg twice a day of either of these will help.

5. Fish oil – Omega-3 is a fantastic supplement for your brain health and nail health. 2 to 3 grams of fish oil a day is all you need for great nails.

6. Imedeen Prime Renewal – This supplement is biomarine-based and helps to firm up the skin. A study including post-menopausal women showed excellent results. Daily intake is based on your age.

7. Iron & Vitamin C – Great for your immune system and your circulatory system, these two supplements can also help reduce hair loss. Hair falls out when someone has anemia (low iron levels). Mixing iron with Vitamin C is a quick and easy remedy to keep hair in place.



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