Tamar Braxton Says She Isn’t Giving Up On Her Marriage


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Jordan Straus | The Associated Press

Around two months ago, word was circulating about singer and reality television star Tamar Braxton (pictured left) wanting out of her marriage to music executive producer Vince Herbert (pictured right).

A number of other reports concerning dysfunction between the two fueled more speculation over why Tamar may have wanted to get a divorce. Her own mother even went to media outlets doing interviews where she claimed that Herbert was a danger to her daughter’s safety and was previously abusive towards her.

There were also reports by the media that surfaced, which indicated there were some financial and legal troubles going on with Herbert between himself and Sony Music. It was confirmed by numerous national media sources that Sony Music had indeed filed a seven-figure lawsuit against Herbert for breaching a contract he had with the label.

In an interview he did with a media source, Herbert continued to deny allegations of abuse and he played down any turbulence that was being perceived about his marriage to Braxton. Herbert and Braxton are also co-stars on their own spin-off reality television show called Tamar and Vince.

Now, as 2017 comes to a close, it appears as if Braxton has reversed course on any desire to end her marriage to Herbert. According to Rolling Out Magazine, Toni Braxton’s younger sister is not yet prepared to leave her husband, a man she has been married to for almost 10 years.

Rolling Out Magazine reported earlier this week that Braxton released the following message to her fans via CelebrityInsider.org:

“You know I mean I love him and everything but here is the thing: Imma need my man, you know, to appreciate me. And Imma need him to know what he has in front of him, okay? Because really what happens was I messed around and learned my worth. And the crazy thing about knowing your worth – things start to change.”

Braxton and Herbert also have a young song with each other named Logan.

Source: https://rollingout.com/2017/12/27/tamar-braxton-admits-shes-not-ready-give-husband-vincent/





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