Tamera Mowry Of “Tia & Tamera” Called “white man’s wh-0-re” For Marrying White Man



By Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

Tia and Tamera Mowry have been on television since they were little. Most people remember them as the adorable twins from “Sister, Sister”. Now they are grown women with husbands and each of them has a son.

After appearing on an episode of “Where are they now” on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN  Newtwork, what most people were talking about was the moment when the two women shed a tear as Tamera, who is married to a “White” man, recounted the pain she felt because she was antagonized for not marrying “within the race”. When  I heard about this, this is what I said on a Facebook post:

Tia and hubby


“So apparently Tia & Tamera shed a tear on Oprah’ s “Where are they now”. The reason: People call Tamera “a white man’s wh-0-re” because her husband is white and Tia is called a “real woman” because her husband is Black.

Two things:
1. I know that Americans still subscribe to the “one drop rule” but guess what? Tia and Tamera are NOT Black!!! They are both Black and White-Mom is Black, Dad is White.

2. The people calling Tamera a “wh-0-re” are obviously jerks and I am not condoning their behavior but let’s not forget this country’s History. Black people were oppressed (and still are, systematically) by white people so seeing a “Black” woman (oppressed) with a white man (oppressor) causes some people pain and they lash out.

I feel Tamera’s pain, to a degree and I wish she did not have to endure that but I also understand (not agree with-understand) the feelings of those who take issue with her marriage.

Personally, I feel like Tamera is taking something personally that is not about her. She just happens to give something that already existed a face.

I have no problem with interracial marriages and relationships but I also know that I can’t expect everyone to be like me. ‪#‎ItsComplicated‬”

What are your thought? Is Tamera taking this too personally or not?



  1. Just a hateful ugly racist statement to make, toward this talented young lady & her family & shouldn’t prescribe any relevance to anyone who would make such a hurtful statement

  2. She’s taking something personal that’s not really about her, it’s just a long-time war going on Tia & Tamaria… JUST TURN YOUR HEAD AND IGNORE..

  3. It seems one sided for the females,once again. There are multitudes of black men with white or anything else, and still some black women go along with this notion that black woman better remember the past. Why in our society do men get a pass. They were tortured and killed by white men, lied on by white women at a price of their life, which still occurs. Don’t condemn a person because she married a man who looks like her father, and you can’t tell her she is making too much of it.

    • @Godly.
      If she wants to move on with her life, be happy and not controlled by a bunch of knuckle heads then she has to separate herself from it by not allowing it to personalize her life and her agenda…

  4. Hell no. She has every right to marry
    anyone of her choosing. Black or white. If her father is white, then she
    is white but that should not
    matter as long as they love each
    other and they are happy.

  5. Now I’m pro-black love and engaged to a black man, but people have the right to love and marry who they want. I read the tweets to Tamera, that was [email protected] up what they said to her and it was mostly black people spewing that mess. Bet most of them dont have a man or woman of their own or are married and lets not talk about the ones who probably have babies without a dayum man in sight. At least Tamera has a husband for herself and a father for her baby plus she is not black she is biracial, not black so technically she’s not selling out. We need to work on our own relationships and the lonely azz, no having a man or woman mofos need to go on some dayum dates, meet a good man or woman, fall in love, get laid and get married.

    • Your presumptions to assume that all those people making those racist comments to her were black people because hell people hide behind their computers and pretend and say shat they wouldn’t say to your face. For every black article I see on yahoo there are thousand so racists comments about blacks on it best and believe that those cowards making those comments are most likely not white or probably white along with any race groups so I just my head and tell them to go fk their selves

  6. This race issue has gone on long enough,Love does’t have a color,nor does God,ehen we think of love we shouldn’t have to think about the color of someone’s skin.

  7. I say good for her. Black men do this all the time. Then Why shouldn’t we black women. All Black Women should look beyond our own color or just be left alone because Dark Tall and Handsome is gone off with the White Woman along with the other half of men: short, dumpty, and stupid ones too. We better look for love in other races.

    • @Jeans.

      Now girlfriend that’s what Im talking about, we deserve to be happy too. Blackwomen don’t even realize the number of white-brothers out there who really do want to embrace a sister into his arms considering relationships and marriage and many of them will also except that blackwomen’s black children that the black fathers refuse to raise… Flip the switch on all their a$$… but don’t use the loving white brothers just to get back at the blackmen because then we will be lowering our entegrity just like them… Love on the white brothers just like their gonna love on you… once you hit the dating site the white brothers will run you over like a bulldozer…wink! Cook you dinner… wine & dine you, fly you out the country, its endless…. treat you like the queen you really are… Go Girls!!!! Go find your man…

  8. Oh please people! I love the lines like “Love is colorblind” & you can’t help who you fall in love with. Great lines that I use to fall for until I realized rich famous blacks seem to fall in love with regular white people, but name some rich white people especially rich white girls that marry regular black people. Now love seems to be a one way street. Love seems to be very colorblind if you reverse the roles.

    • Love never was colorblind it is a fool who uses that line and will continue to. Especially when a person keeps searching for a person outside their own color line than love is not blind that person is full of shat so they need to flush that bs down the drain and say I choose you because your not from my race and I think I could do better yeah fkn tell the truth for once and that goes for all races

  9. Even the singer Fantasia said at the beginning of her February 14, 2014 Valentine’s Day concert at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, New Jersey that her next boyfriend will not necessarily be black!!


  11. sawitcoming on

    When you paint any group with a broad brush of negative characteristics that’s racist. When you prefer to be romantically involved with only one race, racist again.

      • Amen on this Blk-Foot… The people can’t see that being black and militant is racist, even when it comes to dating. It needs to stop. That’s why I’ve been encouraging sisters to come out of the box with all this “black on black” dating relationship marriage drama… God is not militant / God is about humanity….period.

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