The Permanent Effects That Dieting Has on You


By: Krystle Crossman

When you go on a diet you deprive yourself from normal foods or foods that are bad for you. Instead you chow down on nothing but fruits and veggies all day every day. Forget the hamburgers and chicken, you need to lose weight right? This may seem like a good strategy for the moment, but what about when you are done with your crash diet and you go back to eating normally again? Your appetite will be changed forever.

A new study that was published in the journal Obesity has found that women who diet constantly are more prone to overeating once they stop their diets. During this study women were shown photos of junk food such as French fries, pizza, and cakes after they had a meal. The researchers found that the reward center of the brain showed a lot more activity in the women who had previously dieted than those who were on a diet when they did the study. After dieting your brain is left in “I miss junk food” mode which causes you to be more sensitive around these types of food. It can lead to overeating or binge eating.

The researchers believe that while you are dieting you are actively stopping yourself from eating these junk foods. However once you are done with the crash diet and allow yourself to eat like that again, your brain is still in craving mode, only now it is getting the food that it is craving. It then craves even more once you have allowed yourself to go back to eating these foods. Instead of crash dieting the researchers suggest that you adopt a healthy and balanced diet instead of eating nothing but fruits and veggies and restricting yourself completely from eating any junk. A balanced diet will lead to more weight loss over time while crash dieting can actually lead to weight gain.


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