The Seven Habits Of Very Happy People


By; Krystle Crossman

Being happy is easy. You just need to find what works for you. Surround yourself with positivity and enjoy life. Here are seven tips from truly happy people that can help you get to a better outlook on life.

1. Share your time with friends and family. You need strong personal relationships with other people instead of being alone all the time. Surround yourself with happy and outgoing people and that attitude will rub off on you.

2. Take the resources that you already have and exploit them. If you are really good at something, concentrate on that and don’t look at things you may not be able to do. For example, if you cannot dance at all but can sing well, sing away! Don’t bother with the dancing because it will bring you down. Focus on the things you can do well and improve them by learning more!

3. Be a part of something that you really believe in. When you are invested in something that truly makes you happy or is for a cause that you are passionate about, your spirit will soar. If you are passionate about a certain charity, run a fundraiser. If you believe in running to boost your spirits, do a 5K road race.

4. Reflect on all of the good things in life. If you can make a list of good things that you have in your life and read it every day, or add to it every day, you will realize that the bad things are just minor bumps in the road.

5. Use your personal strengths to complete tasks. You know what your strengths are, so find a way to use them when it comes to solving problems.

6. Make your own happy ending. If life isn’t turning out the way you want it to you have the power to change that. You will always remember the end of something, more so than the journey that got you there, especially if it is a good ending.

7. Take pleasure in simple joys. Whether it be a thunderstorm, the smell of fresh cut grass, or playing with a kitten, savor the moments. Soak yourself up in them and you will become a happier person.



  1. Great article! This is some informative decisions in these seven steps! But surrounding urself with a circle of positivity is the best! But GOD comes 1st!

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