This Fashion Trend Could Land You in the Hospital


By: Isabella Carson

Skinny jeans have been a fashion trend for a few years now but there are hidden dangers that come along with it that people don’t see. A case study on a woman in Australia was reported by the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry. She ended up in the emergency room and then had to be hospitalized because of her skinny jeans.

The anonymous woman ended up at the Adelaide Royal Hospital in Australia after helping her friend move. She didn’t know what was going on but she couldn’t stand because her ankles were swollen and weak. Her legs were in pain and swollen as well. The ER doctors had to cut her jeans off of her because they were so tight by this point. What had happened was that while helping her friend move she had been doing a lot of squatting to pick boxes up. As she did this her muscles that were being worked swelled as they normally do. The problem was that her skinny jeans were already so tight on her that they had nowhere to swell outwards and so the muscles swelled inside of her legs which cut off blood supply to her muscles. Her nerves were also compressed which was why she could not walk.

The woman was admitted to the hospital for four days and put on an IV drip. They had to counteract the damage that had been done to her muscles. She experienced compartment syndrome which is when the muscles have nowhere to go when they are swollen and end up swelling inside of the body around nerves and blood vessels. She also experienced rhabdomyolysis which is when the muscle fibers break down. If not treated quickly this can cause kidney failure. Fortunately for this woman it was caught in time and she did not have any permanent kidney damage. Her doctors stated that the skinny jeans combined with her excessive movements were the only causes of injury.

Not only can this happen because of skinny jeans but there are other dangers as well. Men can get testicular torsion if they wear their jeans too tight. Everyone who wears jeans that are too tight around their waist may experience cuts in the skin and severe heartburn. There is a lot to be said about wearing yoga pants or sweatpants instead!


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