Tips for Longer Lasting, Mind Blowing “Intimacy”


By: Krystle Crossman

Linda Poelzl has a job that not many people have, or have even heard about. She is a s*x surrogate. She helps men, women, and couples improve their s*x life by teaching them how to touch and please their partner. With women she shows them how to touch themselves and with men she will teach them how to please a woman by engaging in s*xual activities with them. While it may seem like a strange job, it has helped many people have more explosive s*x lives. Below are five common scenarios that Poelzl deals with.

1. He gets off too early: Usually this is because the guy is scared or nervous. Poelzl will teach him to calm himself and use a number system to gauge how close he is to [email protected] She will give a slow [email protected] job and let them sit at a 6 on a scale of 0-10 for about 15 minutes. She teaches the women to tell her man to let her know when he is close so she can slow down.

2. The women fail to have an [email protected]: This is a common problem for many women. She says to help with this problem you need to take slow and deep breaths, not short and shallow ones. Rock your pelvis and when you are about to reach the finish line, do some Kegel exercises.

3. One or both partners don’t have their technique down: Poelzl suggest that the woman should place her hand at the base of the penis and pull the skin taught for a better bl0w job. The man should place his palm against the vulva with his fingers down by the [email protected] to stimulate.

4. He doesn’t get excited unless he watches p0rn: Poelzl tells the guy to turn the p0rn off and [email protected] without it. They will think of all kinds of fantasies and if the woman tells them one of hers it can make things that much more exciting.

5. He goes soft in the middle of s*x: Take a break. Take some time to focus on each other instead of focusing on s*x. Talk dirty, try [email protected] s*x again. Usually this will do the trick.


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