Touching Message From Steve Harvey to Mimi About Her $ex Tape – Fatherly or Offensive?


steve-vs-mimi-290x160By Staff Blogger

Steve Harvey Recently decided to have a heart to heart with Mimi Faust in an open letter.

Mimi Faust, who is  a recurring star on the reality television show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta made a $ex tape with boyfriend Nikko Smith which is reported to have been a private $ex tape but was later then reported to actually be a p0-rn0 movie.

The reality star is believed to have made the “movie” to increase her visibility and further her television career.

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Steve Harvey has been accused of being $exist for his comments and advice while others applaud him for stepping up and giving Mimi and other young women some heartfelt fatherly advice.

In the video, Harvey chastises Faust for making decisions based on just herself and not thinking about her child. The popular talk and radio show host says that he understands that being a single mother is hard and that all single mothers struggle to make ends meet. Even so, the former King of Comedy says that it is a very bad idea to make decisions that make money in the short term but destroy your reputation forever.

Take a listen to what Steve Harvey had to say and decide for yourself if the advice he gave was good.

Do you believe that the advice was good fatherly advice or do you find it offensive and $exist?




  1. P.h.u.c.k. that captain save every darn woman preacher wanna be!! They are grown and can make their own choices in this world. How many crackheads have gone and apologized to their kids for abandoning them? Murderers? Dope dealers? Im out..Hotep

  2. Dr. Lorraine Mayes-Buckley on

    I really don’t care for steve Harvey for reasons I rather not discuss but he was right on the money with his advice. Too many times I have seen young men and women fall victim to the all mighty dollar and in the end they suffer endless repercussions. Mimi has a daughter who probably will see this video as well as her daughter’s friends. Kids can be cruel and this poor child will probably suffer. When one has children, they should come first and their well being.

  3. I wish this “popular” personality would refrain from speaking like, “ain’t gone be” and “dis and dat” “You wuz” and so on. Made me cringe when he butchered the English language on his morning radio show. I stopped listening to him.

  4. Marvin Gardner on

    Fake Ass Steve Harvey the white people pleaser. He is the all knowing and all seeing who knows everything.
    That fake crying needs to stop.

  5. Regardless of whether or not one likes Steve Harvey, or “infotainment” in general, those of us whith the correct moral/ma’atian thought process will not even have “offensive” in our vocabulary concerning Steve Harvey’s advice. The message he delivered was RIGHT.

    Remember that the Euro-centric and Euro-American definition of “sexism” is incompatible with the needs and survival thrust of Black/African people. It’s about Euro-pean/Euro-American women’s intrapersonal problems with the men of THEIR ethnicity and their reaction to it. This reaction goes from the rightous indignation against domestic violence to the HATRED of men, on the other side of the spectrum…as side that Black/African folk have no buisness choosing if we are more concerned about the Black/African family than our own individual selfish interest.

    Those I hear critisizing Steve Harvey thus far, usually bring up the indescretions of men as a JUSTIFICATION for Mimi/women in general doing what she did…like a child trying to justifying acting-a-fool just because hisor her little cousin was doing the same! If the whole point of the Eurocentric “feminism”/anti-“sexism” is so women can be just as WRONG, cold, unfeeling, morally bankrupt…as the men they CRITISIZE…then why are SOME Black women…the ones who would benefit the LEAST from this copycat behavior, crying foul??!?

    In the age of George Zimmerans, Michael Dunns, 15 Black-on-Black murders in Chicago, a Bankrupt Detroit that likes cutting electrical power on its predominately Black citizens…its OBVIOUS to all of America that “Black America” collectively not only is being attacked in every way by society at large, but that “Black America” has NO RESPECT FOR ITSELF…which is the reason we have Michael Dun’s George Zimmermans’ failing Detroits, and the reason such reality shows like the one Mimi is on is allowed to exist!

    So why ADD to this Black-on-Black disrespect by DEFENDING the “right” of a woman to put her sexual business out on the streets with a man that is not even her husband?! After all, this is one of the ways single parent hood happens as well.

    An the “boyfriend” that is so willing to aid her in this behavior…how much does he really RESPECT his “girlfriend”? Is there enough mutual respect and love between them for marriage? As male, I know how some of my peers are. And I’ve never met a brother who truly respects his woman wanting her sexual techniques broadcast for the world to see.

    Of all the things these folks are mad at Steve Harvey for…if they were this angry about the Black-on-Black disrespect that has multiplied our problems 10-fold…such as single-parenthood, super high murder rates, and people who love money than even their own health…then we’d most likely solve some of these above-mention problems over night!


  6. Denise Shabazz on

    Great Job Steve, You are responding as a respectful elder should, and It is very badly needed. I pray more of us will speak up to redirect our young sisters/brothers when they are going astray. I am little suspect of anyone who is voicing concerns against Brother Steve. This topic of conversation has nothing to do with how you personally feel about him, his main objective was to attempt to give this little queen something to ponder over, some guidance, and to elevate her morality. Steve is only reviving what the Elders in the Black community has always done; and that is give advice to our children(young adults), so we can steer them in the right direction. This was always a part of our customs. Our children have gone astray these days because we stop doing that. Blessing to you Brother Steve; Great Job!!!!!

    • Great comment !!!! I agree !!!! We need to lift each other up not tear down what Steve Harvey is saying !!!! He is right !!!!!

  7. Mimi’s mother abandoned her and join scientology, but she never spoke of a father, her big brothers maybe could have been a father figure if they had the skills. Most women who had fathers in their lives won’t do p0rn0. Steve spoke like a dad, there may be a lot of fatherless girls out there making grown women decisions that will follow them through life and not in a good way. Mimi may not realize it now but she will always be labeled a p0rn0 star even when her lifestyle changes.

  8. So true steve that was well spoken like a father that cares. Ladies we sure are sitting on a gold mine I treasure mine!!!

    • Marvin Gardner on

      Well Tawanza, this guy will say anything for ratings. You and most of the ladies are sitting on fools gold. As the saying goes” everything that glitters isn’t gold”. I would be hard pressed to listen to a self proclaimed king of comedy, who has been married a few times and hides behind court imposed gag orders to hide most of his life from the public.
      At the end of the day,Mimi Faust and Niko Smith are grown people who will do what they want when they want and nothing that this fake comedian has to say will most likely not change their minds.
      So Steve Harvey need to stick with pleasing the white people and the powers that be at that tv station so he can keep his talk show.

  9. My previous comment was either deleted or still awaiting approval. But to sum it up….

    If the Black community truly respected itself, the “reality show” Mimi is on would not even exist! Furthermore, the Euro-centric definition of “sexism” should have NOTHING to do with African-American women or any other women of African descent.

    If the goal of Ëuro-American “feminism” (and feminism originated with angry White women against men of their ethnic group)is just to allow women to be as morally bankrupt and sexually explicit as the men they criticize, then why is the word “sexist” even considered?! But I digress.

    Seriously?!? A sex tape with a “boyfriend”…in a relationship where there’s not enough mutual respect for MARRIAGE?!? One of the reasons there is so much single parenthood in our community, but I digress on that too.

    Those criticizing Steve Harvey on THIS particular issue prove they siding with this Euro-American feminism and thus don’t have the need of the Black family, nor the needs of the Black community anywhere near the top of their priority list.


  10. The black community is so desperate for a voice that they will allow any crackpot to become that voice as long as he has money and fame. Steve speaks to people now like he is the foremost authority on life. Blacks have made him the male version of Oprah. Bad move. Both Steve and Oprah are not the voice of the world. Sadly, we can’t receive the counsel of our elders, but will listen to these personalities that have been propelled into guru’s by white Jewish studio heads to make us feel like we are a part of this bullshit society. I often wonder if the same people who so strongly support Steve and Oprah as the authoritative voice in the earth were confronted with the same rebuke and correction would humble themselves and take that or would they cuss Steve’s ass out and tell him to get the hell out of your business? Like you did your mother and grandmother’s when they advised you. I am not saying that what Steve said was right or wrong, but he is the same one that promotes letting folk live their lives and not judging folk. He wears the church out about judging folk as if the church does not have the right to say what the bible says on a matter. But when he does the same thing it’s somehow fatherly? Take a seat Steve and consider your won life and ways.

    • Great analysis. He is a captian preacher woman wanna control their minds save a hoe! I never heard him defend jordan davis or travon! Hotep

    • I am curious if you would give any advice to Mimi. If so, what would it be? Do you really think that white men encourage Steve Harvey to suggest that young black women have some respect for themselves and their children? Really?

  11. Too bad they always come with advice after the offence is done. Why not meet with these young ladies and men in reality while they are making the money before they get caught up in the hype of being a star. The damage is already done. Be more proactive with young people and less reactive.

  12. I feel that Steve Harvey’s advice was being truthful. He cared enough to give her advice. Keep it up Steve !!!!

  13. Did Steve sat down and watch the sex tape himself. I don’t have a lot of trust in him nor do I listen to him. Especially when he himself been married several times and its said that he was abusive to his wife and have court orders blocking what he done in the past. He need to ask his self What do he have to hide. Its too late to preach to Mimi, the tape is done and she’s not in hiding. Plus she’s a woman with her own choices in life.

  14. Money talks in this world and bul-sh-t walks. Is Steve planning on helping Mimi raise her child financially.

  15. Never do anything that will come back to bite you on the butt. Personally, I thought she broke up with him last season when he gave her the fake watch and told her she was deranged over Stevie J. Now she’s making sex tapes with dude? What next? People really need to think things through BEFORE they do the stupid stuff. How do you tell your daughter to keep her legs closed when you got video of you wildin’ out. I’m disappointed that you think nothing of playing yourself.

  16. ELois P. Clayton on

    Dear Mr. Harvey,
    I am foreever greatful, that a black man(such as yourself), understands/cares enough to share good advice with all women about things they should or should not include in their becoming a woman.
    Many of us, has gone through hard times, trying to be the “best” we can be, but the bottom line is, if you don’t feel good about doing something, you should not, because it’s you, that you have to live with.
    Another thing, there are sooo many others(men and women), who could care less about what happens to the generation that comes after them because they have been sooo embedded into that lifestyle(they’re “use” to it) that they haven’t the courage or brains to realize that the life that they have been fooled or intimidated or bullied into living, isn’t the life that they would even want for their own children or grandchildren.
    That industry, is full of slicksters/tricksters and they do not have an origin.
    I was taught that whatever we as adults experienced (at younger ages), after we become adults, our job was/is to try and teach the next generation better and show them how to avoid some of the troubles that we didn’t have the experience/support, to avoid, while still realizing that nothing is worth harming yourself for and we all have fell short of the coming of the Lord.
    Us older individuals must teach our youth, that God loves them tooo and they can be successful in life if they only walk the straight path and be watchful for those ‘too good to be true’ offers!
    I want to thank you(personally), for trying to reach out to Mimi, for I know that she is a good person and doesn’t believe that she deserves for her personal business to be put out like that.
    I PRAY, that she is more careful from now on, while remembering that God loves her just as he loves the rest of us.
    I love watching her on ‘Dancing With The Stars’, etc., and I wish her well in heer endeavors in life.
    PS: Mr. Harvey, (if you will), tell Mr. ‘Cedric The Entertainer’, that since I left him that letetr at Burney Macs Memorial service at Dr. James Meeks church, my family has changed our stragety and gained (2) ‘SUBSTANTIATED’ COMPLAINTS, against guard Chris Roberts, Scott and we are still fighting to get our David OUT of Chester MHC.
    NOTE: Just yesterday(04.29.2014), I had to file another complaint with the ABUSE HOTLINE because he was again assaulted by Darnell Tucker(who stabbed him in the neck with a pencil) and an Isaiah THompson;both PUSHED him, while in the dinner line going to 5:30p dinner.
    Our David, was bullied at the age of (13);simply trying to return home from school and afterwards, he felt for too long that he had to go along in order to be left alone…
    Now he’s (54) years old and realizes that he has a right to defend himself and with that, we will continue to expose such individuals until the DPH and every other municipality(in society), gets what has happen to him.
    We have been blessed to have (1) emmployee at Chester MHC, in Chester, Illinois, have the COURAGE to admit that “David is not the problem”. “Tehe problem are the gaurds”;(obviously, that is true for we finally got oomplaints ‘SUBSTANTIATED’ and will continue to get more complaints proven and uncovered.
    ATTN: My brother’s attorney(Larry Redmond;(773)733-0830), is seeking HELP with David’s case, for he has toooo much proof(documents of David being treated for rape and such), to back down.
    If you can be of any assistance, PLEASE contact him.
    Thank you and may God continue to bless you ALL.
    Sign, Mrs. ELois P. Clayton
    (sis. of David P.)

  17. William Leonard on

    Steve gave some good advice for all women and as a father with a daughter it’s the same message that I would give my Daughter. No man would want to marry a woman who every one can pull a DVD off the shelf and watch her in action. The money is not worth the things that you may face after the facts.

  18. Pastor Steve Harvey is on point, as always when dealing with life choices. This is what God has called him to do. He will, until the day God calls him home, will preach to the lost, the confused, the misunderstood. God called him to this work, and I pray millions of teens and single women will listen and make the right decisions. He preach to her, as if she was his own daughter, who was now outside of the house. Pastor Steve Harvey, is anointed to do what he is doing and I pray he continue to get out of the box!

  19. I love the fact that Steve has seen and done so much, that he can now speak to a generation of Blacks with common sense and down to earth know-how.

    The negative reactions to his commentary (right beside Bill Cosby and Alvin Poussaint’s book) only prove that Blacks have a mighty, mighty, MIGHTY long way to go, and so much to learn until it hurts!

    All we want is for someone to “hook us up,” while we too ignorant to even HEAR correction and sound teaching!! We hate our mothers, our fathers, Bill Cosby, Iyanla, Oprah, Steve….anybody that succeeds and sets out to change our perverted thinking…anybody who isn’t spittin the “F” word every time they open their mouths…anybody who has sense enough to leave the past and its negative influences behind, in order to reach a larger audience…anybody who spanks our behinds while telling us to do better, be better and to EXPECT better of ourselves! All WE want and expect is for somebody to “hook us up”!!

    Any Black woman out there allowing someone to take pictures and shoot video of her from the rootie to the tootie NEEDS someone to talk some common sense into her!!! The slave masters viewed Black women as property to buy, humiliate, sell and use at will.

    Different day – same story.

    The slave master no longer wields a whip, and he MAY not even be WHITE! But he gives our women some money and a chance to show their bodies on camera…inside and out to the whole WORLD, FOR FREE!! He gives them a contract to go on stage with a microphone and cuss like low lives and tell filthy jokes like crude, uneducated people out of the back woods. He’ll NEVER give them starring roles on the BIG screen, but he’ll pay them BIG bucks to appear as half naked whores in videos with ignorant, strapping, young, Black studs!!!

    Same story – different day. Free your mind and your behind will follow!!!!

    SOME of us HEAR you, Steve!! And our lives are richer for having men like you, tell us the truth!!

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