Unattractive and Desperate: 3 Signs You’re Clingy and Needy


Woman looking sidewaysBy Staff Blogger

We all know that a desperate woman is unattractive but many women fall into the trap of becoming the very woman they never thought they would be. Below are some signs that you’ve become desperate and clingy and are probably driving your man away:

1. He keeps telling you he needs his space

Some people need more space and time alone than others but in a normal and healthy relationship you and your man should be able to recognize when it is time to be together and when it is time to spend a little time in your own individual spaces. If your man has to keep telling you that he needs his space or he says that he feels suffocated or smothered, you’re more than likely too clingy and needy.

2. You “blow up” his phone when he is away from you

When you call your man and he doesn’t answer the phone or you send him a message and he does not immediately respond, consider that he may be at work, a meeting or something important. In a healthy relationship, you should be able to give your man the benefit of the doubt and trust that he will get in touch with you as soon as he is available. Continuing to bombard him with phone calls and messages shows that you are desperate and he may not even want to call you because he finds your behavior off-putting.

3. You feel intimidated and threatened  when he interacts with other women

If a lot of women who interact with your man feel like a threat to you, then you are probably¬† insecure. Your insecurity has more to do with you than your man or that other woman. In a healthy relationship you should be confident that you a worthy woman to be with and should not live in fear of another woman “stealing” your man.

If you’re not clingy and needy and your man is just neglectful and ignores your phone calls and neglects you in other ways and you have reason to believe that his interaction with other women is inappropriate, then respect yourself enough to require a change in his behavior. If he loves, respects and values you, he will make the effort to make the changes.




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