Viola Davis Will Blow You Away With Why She Stopped Wearing Wigs


Viola-Davis-sheds-her-wigBy Staff Blogger

African Americans deal with hair issues and color-ism issues. It’s not uncommon to hear people still say that someone who’s hair is straighter and softer is “good hair” while curlier and more coarse hair is considered undesirable by some.

Viola Davis will blow you away with what she says in response to why she no longer feels the need to wear wigs in order to look pretty or beautiful. In this video, she talks about being both a dark skinned woman and having curly hair.
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When people first heard about the young gymnastics champion, Gabby Douglas, there was a lot of focus and talk about her hair which many people thought was sad because it took the focus and attention away from her amazing accomplishments.

Viola Davis’ bold step in removing her wig and wearing her natural hair also got a lot of attention and the good thing is that she was prepared to answer the questions because she was actually sending a message with her actions.

Do you agree with Viola Davis; do women hide behind wigs and only feel pretty when they wear them?






  1. Edward Chapman on

    I”m glad that she and more and more black men and women have come to grips with who they really are. They have found that no matter high you climb, or whatever you accomplish, you, the individual, will never be “whole”, when you let others define, who, what, how, and when you have “arrived”. African-Americans have to be very careful not to fall into that trap — you may never get out!

    I am sure that, even though we have been “free” for nearly 150 years, many still unconsciously still aspire to attain the Americans of beautiful, handsom, and other such attributes, but they cannot, because the standards are set by whites, for whites, who consider any white person is superior to any black person.

    On an intellectual basis, we know that is not true. But, it was cruely beaten into our minds and psychic, on the emotional level, which is very difficult to get at. It is invisible to us, now, passed down over the 300 years. And when it surfaces, it doesn’t appear to make sense. It defies logic.

    Ms. Davis had an epiphany, as you can see. She is definitely, more beautiful as her natural self. Dressed in that simple white dress, dark lipstick to accentuate her skin hue,a simple hairdo, her eyes are bright and alive, her true inner-self, with which she is very pleased, is there for all to see, and marvel at. This woman KNOWS the she’s is beautiful, and has “IT” going On!

    The ladies in red, and green, would not want to meet, tangle, or compete, at any level, with the “Lady In The White Dress!

  2. Conley E. Broome on

    Regardless, of her Color or Hair texture, Viola, is a beautiful Woman, and when combined with her intelligence and charisma, I place her at the top of my list of Women with both inner and outer beauty. I love her!!

  3. Viola looks just beautiful! She’s in shape..beautiful skin and hair looks Great!! Much better than fake hair!!

  4. Roz Ferguson on

    I loved her on Law and Order. She had the acting chops, for sure, bar none. But why was she made to appear so unattractive? Then I saw her in a pictorial spread that blew me away. I did not know her name. Then BANG!!! She’s the Sistah from Law and Order! Her name is Viola Davis! She is absolutely beautiful when she shines in her real not artificial self. Completely different persona. The sistah now has it going on. Defining self–you got it going on. Peace

  5. Roz Ferguson on

    There is know video or interwiew where Ms. Davis actually shares her own reasons. If so my andriod didn’t pick it up.

  6. I commend you, Viola. You are in the public eye and your personal decision to accept your beauty is important, wonderful and a door opener for other young Black women that can successfully fight the cookie cutter image society has placed on us…that you have to have this curly flowing hair to be beautiful…NOT TRUE!!

  7. Milford Woodard on

    the best looking lady is the one in the white dress. It’s something more appealing about the natural look, it’s the realness..

  8. That sounds good in theory however in reality some 75% of black women still wear or weaves or wigs ,they wear what they think men like , and most men like long hair ,go figure

  9. Fred Morris on

    My first wife wore a wig when we were dating.And I thought it was her real hair. When she took it off I could not belive what I saw.Her natural hair was so beautiful.Woman of color please please wear your hair natural . You will gain so much love for that

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