Was the Pastor Right to Stand Against the Single Mother Fad? Read this Woman’s Heavy Letter



Most people know about Pastor Marvin Winans and The Perfecting Church.  The pastor made news when he refused to bless a woman’s child in front of the congregation, since the baby was born out of wedlock.  This sent alarm bells throughout the faith-based community, since there were strong opinions on both sides of the discussion.

The pastor didn’t exactly refuse to bless the child.  He simply said that he would bless the child in private instead of doing so in public and setting a bad example.  This wasn’t good enough for some people, who felt that the pastor had no right to judge the woman’s decision to have a child without getting married.

But does the pastor have a point here?  Could the pastor be right about not condoning behavior that is clearly in contradiction to the bible?  What about the kids who suffer in poverty or die in violence without having fathers in the home to protect them?  Should the pastor overlook these atrocities and say that it’s OK to have babies without planning on giving that child a chance to have a father?

Some see this case as an example of young women getting overzealous about having kids and not feeling that a father is necessary.  A woman named Tia wrote this comment on the Old Black Church website:

“. . .let the word of god be true, and every man a liar. Romans 3
I agree with pastor Winan’s decision. This epidemic in our community has gotten out of hand. As my grand mother used to say in the old church “somebody’s got to have some sense”. People continue vicious destructive cycles because no one stands up and says the behavior is wrong,” the emperor has no clothes.” Instead of running to the news trying to embarrass pastor Winans, she should have trimmed the bushes and grass in front of her nasty home that she allows the baby to exist in. Black women’s priorities are totally messed up. Instead of taking care of the home, shes out trying to run up in churches showing off the number one sin (not the child, he’s innocent and blessed already, . .UNTIL THE PARENTS MESS THEM UP) that impacts our community in a negative way. This woman is almost 40 yrs old (not a teen pregnancy “mistake” by any means). She should know better, but she doesn’t. And she doesn’t try and get teaching and understanding from the church as to WHY they have to have a standard, and not kow tow to any and everything. No, she has to like a devil, strike a match and walk away. Now the only thing pastor didn’t do that he should have is get on NATIONAL news and give these baby makers reason why he will not allow his church and the body of Christ to be taken over by these selfish, show off, want to be seen, attention seekers, pageantry seeking harlots to use the church as a showplace. I can see it now, Sunday service 10 or 12 women parading their multitude of “dressed up” kids across the front because you know once something catches on with black women, it becomes a fad and takes over until it is ruined. Like our communities, school systems, neighborhoods, welfare systems are being ruined by this trifling behavior. The babies are “cute ” until a certain age then turned out into the streets to become society and jails problems. We can’t afford to continue ignorance breeding ignorance. Now after its messed up society, they want to infiltrate the CHURCH. The rules have been set. Abide by them and learn. She doesn’t know she’s the one who looks like a fool, not Pastor Winans. He made his bones, and its still HIS bones, not hers. Guess she has to take her mess to a church that puts up with it. Leave normal people who stand for something alone. God will NOT allow the devil to take over his house . I CAST THEE OUT!!!!!!!!!!! . . .”I cast thee out.”

What do you think?  Is this woman being too hard on black women?



  1. I truly believe that the child should have been blessed by the Pastor right along with the other children.The bible says train up a child in the way in which you would have him go, and once he is old he will not depart from it. As this young lady just stated, the child is innocent and Blessed already. So if the child is Blessed already, that means that he was a Blessing from God; and if God who is the creator and giver of life has already Blessed this child, then why can’t we who have all fallen short of the Glory of God? The child is sin free (granted we are born in a world of sin), but the child is innocent and guiltless and should not be denied a blessing because of the wrong-doings of the parents. That’s my intake. God Bless us all and I just hope that there can be forgiveness on both sides, even the Pastor Winans.

  2. Well said & ever so relevant and oh so on point. My parents were Married & in their mid 20’s when they had me & I was Married & in my mid 20’s when I had my son & yes I’m African-American. Single parent households & dysfunctional family dynamics is the number ill in the African-American community. Too many defend it like it isn’t & its our social legacy & expectation

    • You sound as stupid & ignorant as a bag of “rocks” so only “Black Republicans” are smart enough to figure out how babies are made & to prevent unwanted pregnancies or have the restraint to not procreate all over the city before Marriage because you couldn’t. So because you suspect all “Black Pastors are corrupt its okay for “Black People” as a whole to be corrupt & without a moral center or civic responsibility. I wonder why people across the world see African-American people as lazy, immoral barely human creature, because of miscreant like you. I for one am just the son of two old fashion old world Mississippi Parents I was born in the late 60’s went to college on a Football Scholarship when, my friends went off to prison, myself & several others & my Fraternity Brothers decided to do the right thing & did it. I grew up in an extended family full of Fathers mine my uncles & cousins, its not our nature or culture to be criminals addicts or immoral or abadon the family unit, despite what you “ignorant Black Folk” & “bigoted White Folk” believe

  3. The lady that wrote this letter is totally full of shit. I quote from two of her lines,leave normal people alone who stand for something what do this man Pastor Winans stand for? I’ll tell you MONEY bottom line. You said God will not allow the devil to take over his house you are a real IDIOT, the devil have taken over the Church. Our Pastors today are doing everything that’s not in the Bible and lying to their Conjugation, it’s all about money and their style. Pastor Winans, should have blessed this Child he is free of sins it was not he mother but her baby to be bless. You also said something about Black women (put them all in a group)like all they do is have babies out of wed-lock, which is not true. Maybe you are a black Republican, trying to get attention since you backs Republicans are in a fool paradise, you need attention.

    • I so agree. The lady that wrote that letter is not only ignorant to the 33rd power, but she is also prejudice, judgmental, arrogant, a bully and a brainwashed sheep. Yep- she represents the modern church. If the church and its gang wants to go after people- go after child molesters. The congregation is full them. March down to city hall and demand the rights of your children back. Zombie Churches with pimpin preachers.

  4. Floyd A. Williams on

    Maybe we should read Matthew 1:18-25 there are some telling inferences in that scripture…..that should cause the good Pastor and us to think before we judge.

  5. I grew up listening and admiring the Winans family. This is a controversy that should be handled more appropriately than this. The word says “he who is without sin cast the first stone” Everyone here is passing judgement and it is utterly ridiculous. Pastor Winan is just a MAN! He is not GOD and should not have made this type of judgement. No one likes out of wedlock births but all babies are a blessing. She jumped the gun going to the media and he should have explained himself before this type of ceremony took place. There are a number of adults who have had children out of wedlock but has since gotten married and still who is to judge?

    • How do you know that Pastor Winans did not set the standard and informed her first? She was not denied a blessing, but the blessing would not occur in front of the congregation. A private ceremony was offered. So was the blessing important or being seen?

  6. The pastor is making decisions based his personal feeling and the child continues to suffer for it. The pastor should ask himself Would God want you to turn a child of his away?
    Also keep in mind that this is not the first mother that is single and there will be many more to come. Sometimes people go to far when it comes to the lives of others. Only God can judge her decision to have her child.

  7. I think the pastor did the right thing, though I can imagine it was a difficult decision for him. The idea of having a child out of wedlock (purposely or not) now seems to be completely de-stigmatized in America, which is wrong from a biblical point of view, bad for our society and, most importantly, too often bad for the child, who may have to grow up without a father in a household that exists near or below the poverty line. I am a man, so many women will say I have no right to an opinion on what they do with their own bodies or what childbearing decisions they make. While I have no interest in telling anyone how to live their life, when I feel someone’s decision adversely affects other people (in this case, the child and our society as a whole), I will state my opinion and apologize to no one. I wish we could find a way to re-stigmatize out of wedlock pregnancies without re-stigmatizing the child. At the end of the day, our great country could stand to have a return to more moral standards based on biblical teaching or even just basic common sense about what is best for our society. Unfortunately, the secularism genie is out of the bottle and the accompanying “it’s all about me” attitude (does anyone remember President Kennedy’s speech about not asking what my country can do for me?) is now so pervasive in America that a reversal seems unlikely. Maybe all those of us who care about these things can do is the right thing in our own lives, but there is no reason not to keep fighting the good fight. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

  8. I agree with the letter writer that we should not be celebrating this tragic trend. I’m also a member of a church where the Pastor would “offer up” as we call it the babies of married couples and “offer up” those born out of wedlock in private for the same reason that Pastor Winans does. In the old days it was a ceremony where you’d bring your child to the pulpit and the Pastor would take the child and say this is the son or daughter of Brother and Sister Miller (for example) This was about 20 to 30 years ago. Now-a-days he just ask all of the parents stand up in the congregation and he’ll pray for God to bless all the parents and their children where they stand. It’s no longer a special ceremony or ritual like before but it’s not “in your business” and there are no hurt feelings.

  9. When people point fingers and judge others harshly best believe God can point something out about them. They are perpetuators themselves. Negative criticism without a solution is nothing for nothing leaves nothing. It’s not just black women having babies. What is she doing to help alleviate the problem. You can imagine what goes on in some of these churches. SO SAD.

  10. I’m also a member of a church where the Pastor would “offer up” as we call it the babies of married couples and “offer up” those born out of wedlock in private for the same reason that Pastor Winans does. In the old days it was a ceremony where you’d bring your child to the pulpit and the Pastor would take the child and say this is the son or daughter of Brother and Sister Miller (for example). This was about 20 to 30 years ago. Now-a-days he’ll just ask all of the parents in the congregation who want children offered up to stand and he’ll pray for God to bless all the parents and their children where they stand. It’s no longer a special ceremony or ritual like before, but it’s not “in your business” and there are no hurt feelings.

  11. Pierre Q. Pullins on

    Stop!…..Tia who? I am not going respond to a nameless and faceless posting! Stop it! Please stop it people! Demand accountability from the people who write this. By the way I agree with Pastor Winans.

  12. pastor winans should have publicly blessed that child and moved on to bigger fish to fry! i know that his local community has bigger fish to fry! let the church say amen!

  13. Who are we to judge? I wish black women would stop having babies out of wed lock. I wish black pastors would stop pimping the church. I wish people would really seek god for who he really is, a mercyful, kind, forgiving savior. Should the pastor blessed that baby in public? Yes, but i wished he and other pastor and the whole church would reach out to single mothers, fathers and teach them this is not the way to raise a child. A child need both parents, that the way God intened it to be. I pray for the black community, single mothers, the black church, the black families. Let us all pray that God will heal out land.

  14. I thought the church was a place for healing and redemption. Jesus walked the earth with sinners not saints! While I understand the ills that plague the black community, as a true Christian there should be no opportunity to bring a soul to his teachings allowed to pass. Why not ask this woman to head a ministry for single mothers seeking to end the cycle…IJS

  15. The Pastor did what he thought was right. I disagree with his decision to do this so public ally. I respect his right to set an example for the people that follow him. My hope is that he is providing resources to assist young parents in the development of their families (single or married). We serve as a resource for single mothers raising boys at www.*** and Facebook group “Single Mothers Raising Boys”

  16. I am not mad at Tia or Marvin Winans. Gotta have standards. Also Him blessing the child in front of the Church or at all. WILL NOT affect him one way or another. He is a man and NOT The Most High.. also it would be kinda messed up if he was mentoring other kids and rejected him but thats not the case.

  17. This woman certainly has a right to her opinions , however…surely she did not enter into the church as a “saved woman neither was this reverential pastor born a pastor, they both came ignorant and had to start from the begining To get where they are now, where ever that place is I don’t know. I do know that if Jesus had their judgmental attitudes no one would be blessed nor able to stand. We all have a starting point, but you cant get into the race for life if you are stopped at the gate.

  18. Brothers and Sisters, Reverend Winans’ tactic was a little crude but his idea was right. Somebody has to speak to the crucial issue of illegitimacy that is wreaking havoc in the Black community. Illgitimacy is an indication of a very serious problem: the moral decay that if infesting Black America like a rotten corpse and it is a spiritual cancer that is devouring us. Black folks, a child needs a mother and a father, preferably sane. Where did this insane belief originate that healthy and productive children can be raised without intact and sane parents? Where did the insane belief originate that our immoral, insane, counter productive and destructive way (illegitimacy and irresponsible sex)is superior to God’s way (love, respect and responsible behavior)? Where did this insane belief originate that our way to superior to God’s way. If God had intended for us to be breeding like we are He would have made us earthworms. Even most wild animals take care of their young. Look at the consequences of doing it our way, Brohers and Sisters. Look at the human wreakage wrought by our immoral, stupid, wicked and misguided ways. We are “raising” kids that are full of hate, self-deprecation, dangerous, and respect nothing and nobody. None of us are safe, and our kids are our chief predators. It is no accident. Obey God’s laws and prosper, disobey them and perish. Really, why should our kids respect us when we have brought most of them(over 75 percent illegitimacy rate among us) into the world without
    stable, loving families, no jobs to give them, no anything positive to leave them, and really, no love to give them?
    Having a kid out of wedlock is an extremely selfish, ignorant, evil and crazy thing to do. They deserve much better. That child, Brothers and Sisters, is Spirit made visible. It is God visualized. To mistreat a child in any way is tantamount to mistreating God!!! And one of the worst things you can do to a child is bring him/her to this wicked world without providing it with a loving family, and I mean family! You know, a mother and a father, married who love and respect each other. Then many of us have the audacity to cry about all the bad children in our communities. Well, you made them that way when you tried to replace God’s way with your foolish, evil, insane way. The wages of sin is indeed death, Brothers and Sisters, and we are killing our selves with our irresponsible and rebellious behavior.

  19. I am a woman and believe that every child needs the presence of both parents. I also know that a woman has the responsibility to herself to protect herself from unwanted pregnancies and/or out-of-relationship pregnancies (married or not), or I-can’t- take-care -of-my-child pregnancies. Having said that, I am not shocked but dismayed that none of the writers in this conversation has put the same requirement on men! Every black child born out-of-wedlock has a black father. How fewer out-of-wedlocks we’d have if black men would use condoms. Why depend on a woman to safeguard the coming forth of your progeny? The woman has her own motives that may not concur with the man’s. So men need to take responsibility and stop acting like they are at the mercy of the woman when it comes to pregnancy.

    Did Pastor Winan ask for the father of this child? Why is this woman running to church for a blessing on her child if the father is indifferent to such? If she’s such a Christian did she make sure that the father of her child was too?

    Still, I think Winan’s approach was wrong. You don’t punish the child by punishing the parent. Most societies do the opposite — they punish parents for the wrong doings of their children. Counsel the parents, do something but don’t make that child feel ostracized or negatively different. Didn’t Jesus say allow the children to come to him, that’s the essence of the church?

    The life of a child belongs not to the mother or father but to the child. As a parent you have the responsibility of giving your child the best possible foundation for his or her life as possible. If you can’t do that then DON’T have a child. Do the rest of us a favor and use birth control or abstain.

  20. Correction on my earlier post: I meant you don’t punish a parent by punishing the child. Most societies do the opposite: they punish a child by punishing the parent, holding the parent responsible for what the child did. Parents raise children not the opposite.

  21. I agree with the Pastor. Because there were and still are so many single mothers and few fathers attending their child’s christening, my church holds baptisms after mass. Which is quite appropriate as our service calls for the fathers to participate and it is embarrassing and painful to watch when a Godfather has to stand in. I am in my early 40’s and I remember when a young lady got pregnant the only time you saw her in the neighbourhood was when she went the doctor nor were baby showers held.

  22. Then like I said before…, Consider the Bible GOD’S original “cook book” and as time goes along., Cookers modify the recipe, Play with the ingredients to suit their taste.., Then you no longer haver the word of GOD…

    Now if the pastor can’t set the tone of according to the correct instructions then why go play Christian in church every Sunday?…
    That’s like the Republican congress manipulating the constitution & civil rights of the people to suit the racist fringes…

    70% percent unwed 85% percent single family… What does the congregation say when the sermons are about lust, fornication, sodomy, same s.ex, god forgives me but let’s keep doing it socially??

    Then bring back the sodomizing preist & bishops, strippers, whoremongers and such then listen to their hypocrite versions of gods law… If we can’t separate what’s righteous & pure you’d always have weeds & shrubs in our gardens… For the religious rigjtwing Christians, Jesus was/is a socialist….

    • Who did God assign to separate the righteous and the pure? You? Me? When did God say he could no longer do His job? Matthew 7:1-5 “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.” Also read: Luke 6:37, James 4:11-12 There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor? Romans 2:1-3 Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things. We know that the judgment of God rightly falls on those who practice such things.” I could go on and on but of course you church people knew the bible said this… right? You just forgot to throw it in with your judgments- right? Look, just forget it and pass this bucket around- I need your W2s and all your money-. I need a jet so I can pass this wisdom to the 4 corners…

  23. I guess those in the African-American community feel that Evangelicals & Catholics take there faith way too seriously & put way too much work into it, because she would have been kicked out of those congregations. I guess that’s why their communities are plagued with; illegitimate Births, crime, violence, drug distribution & abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, mental illness & they populate this countries prisons & viewed by the Workd Community has less than human, oh yea that’s us. Faith is meant to guide the actions of the living so its all about judgement just like that of biblical times (could be stoned for working on the Sabbath) or Puritan America (could be hung for breaking any of the 10 commandments). We have just developed into a corrupt, spiritually lazy, permissive culture that can excuse any sinful, criminal or amoral behavior. For all you slamming the “Clergy” just shut the Hell up & stat out the church as if you attend

  24. I am a believer in God but I do not go to church nor do I allow my children to participate in organized religion. This blog confirms why. First of all, it seems like people have to check their brain at the door of the church. Then there is that nasty habit church people have of letting the pastor screw all the kids in the church and then rally around him when he is found out. Secondly, today’s church resembles nothing but pimpology- not the church God wants to marry. They are preaching the same slave sermons from hundreds of years ago. Most of all, the judgement and condemnation is waaay to ‘street’ for me. I’ve studied religion extensively- even the lost books of the bible. That’s why I know that what you are learning in these churches is NOTHING! Losers defending some judgmental human! Would God or Jesus act like that? Not bless a baby cause the baby’s circumstances “look bad.” He acted NO DIFFERENT than a social bully yet these fools elevate him/excuse him. Do you know how many serious issues he could tackle instead of the tired, old and worn out “out of wedlock’ baby? The church is full of empty brained zombies. On here defending his silly, arrogant, self righteous, unholy, ignorant tantrum. Church people: always trying to pass on information and wisdom that they don’t even know. Winans is no different than any of those other ‘billboard’ pimps/preachers. If sin prevents you from being blessed then NO ONE in that church should be blessed… not even the MAN who is doing the blessing. Thank you for leading the rest of us towards compassion all you church heads on here justifying his ostracizing behavior. God said “DON’T JUDGE!!!” He did not say “Don’t judge- except this group”. Nor did He say “Don’t judge- unless you’re this person.’ Who added that?

    • What in the Hell are you talking about & what does it have to do with this subject matter. Fornication is a sin under current Christian Doctrine & having children out of wedlock goes against societal social responsibility because its detrimental to the children, family & the society as a whole best interest. Your assault on organized religion & your agnostic attack on Christianity is out of place

      • It’s not out of place. I am responding to all the arrogant people who are on here saying that Winans was right to judge and condemn that baby/lady. We’re not debating what’s right and what’s wrong. WE ARE ALL WRONG! “Fornication is a sin under current Christian Doctrine & having children out of wedlock goes against societal social responsibility because its detrimental to the children, family & the society as a whole best interest.” Agreed. Lots of things are sins that WE ALL DO. Why should someone from the church or this blog decide who deserves God’s blessings. My “assault” on organized religion is my defense of the people that organized religion should be protecting.

        • Sounds like you & many others want the Winans & the Church, should accept all sinful behavior without repentance because everyone does it & that Christianity didn’t evovle to regulate the earthly behaviors of man, I guess the “Evangelicals” & the “Catholics” got it all wrong. If everyones a sinner is a defense to accepting all sin, then why enforce laws everyone has broken a law, let’s open the prisons & let all the; Rapist, Murderers, thieves & batters free, society will be okay “sounds just as stupid as your logic”. As far as your assault on organized religion, you want to trust religious instruction in the same households that breed the individuals who flood our community with; drug dealers, drug users & gang members. I’m in Chicago & was once a Sheriffs Deputy here & our current “crime wave” & murder rate isn’t spawned by drugs or gangs but “That’s how my Mother raised me to react when someone makes me angry” you want this for the entire country because that’s what will happened

          • Do not twist my words! No one asked for absolution. Punishment is for the law and God! If sinners can’t go to church for acceptance It’s people like you that make kids run to gangs because they find more acceptance. It’s people like you that have helped make the church a whole lot churchless. And yes, the Catholics and Evangelicals got it wrong. Read your history and stop going by what you hear someone tell you. Anyway- wrong and right is your opinion because neither you nor I can prove a thing!!! You and the rest of these people that think that church is a courtroom have simply elevated themselves by stepping on someone else with your superficial judgments. And by the way- I am an ex-cop too and I know that the behavior by most people is fueled by pain, racism and poverty. Your assessment of this situation is narrow minded, lacks compassion and is juvenile. Now, which one of you/us can throw the first stone?

          • Your logic is both idiotic & schizophrenic, the church should weloome in sinners & allow them to keep sinning without judgment or persecution, your an moron & what’s wrong with the African-American community. Gangs don’t make you an; drug dealer, killer, thief, thug, alcoholic, addict or criminal, those are characteristics & personal attributes you bring into that organization or any other they might join “I ran with the Black Gangster Diciples & outside of mutual assault, I never committed a crime”. Poverty & Racism isn’t the problem with the African-American community its personal choices & a morally corrupt & permissive culture, that you obviously support, “Evangelicals” & “Catholics” don’t have this problem genius but you want them to be more like us. Afro-Caribbean, Afro-European, Afro-Latino & Africans who are also black are 3X more educated make 30% more than the average White American so its not just racism & are rarely in the judicial system but are mostly “Catholics” & “Evangelicals” but they got it wrong “Right”

          • You’ve said nothing but a bunch of gobbledy goop. It would take way too much time to enlighten and bring you up to my level to have coherent, intellectual conversation. You, my blog associate, are the self hating, American made, new breed of African American racists that they built in the zombie lab. I wish I had know you didn’t like yourself from the beginning because I wouldn’t have bit more argued with you than I would have argued with a telephone pole. Usually people in a coma can’t respond but here you are. However, I did learn something new. I learned that the Black Gangster Diciples had a water boy!

          • Your an absolute “Moron” everything is someone elses fault & accept everything I do because the “white Man” made me do it, your like the kids I mentor on the West Side of Chicago. I have 2 Bachelor’s 1 Master’s degree, never been arrested have 1 son I had with my wife & am a business owner here in Chicago & I’m a 6’2″ dark skinned Black Man, how did “the man” & his omnipotent powers miss me. Oh yea I was born in the Caribbean to an Caribbean Father & an African-American Mother raised in Chicagoland & there in the Caribbean having a child out of wedlock shames the entire family to the point no one will marry into that entire family, that’s why they don’t & have 1/4 the crime rate. Your just so the typical excuse laden mediocre African-American Pseudo intellectual “Bullshitter”

          • I was hoping you were white. What a sad person you must be to see so many stains on your skin. That brain they gave you- give it back so you can wake up!
            I’m glad to know that you walk on water. However, what made you join the gang? Was your mom a single mom. Did she teach you to do that like you said the other moms teach their kids to do that? Or do you have daddy issues? Oh, even being degreed does not make one a judge. You degrees only mean you are a intellectual fool.

          • My parents & Grand Parents were together “till Death Do Us Part”, I thought you said you were a ex cop, then you would know that kids join gangs not for that “after school special” Crap another family but for fun, power money or influence, & some are naturally Sociopath’s like my cousin. I hung with them out of fun, you can only be made a “Black Gangster Diciple” in prison & must be 25 years old. At 18 I went off to college on a football scholarship & many of my friends went off to prison, now in our 40’s I hire them & they still go off to prison as is my cousin “personal choices”

  25. All you church heads who think he was right for judging her sins: Since he was in a judging kinda mood, wantin to do the best by the Lord, why didn’t he go into the store in his church and start turning tables over like Jesus did? (It was one of the few times the bible speaks of Jesus being that angry) Matt 21:12 So why didn’t he start the purge with his store. Oh wait, single mothers don’t have a lot of money to spend so that makes them more disposable. Now follow me: everyone- pull your mirrors out- now start with that person.

  26. I think what most people seem to be missing is that he did not say he would not christen the child; he just wouldn’t do a public ceremony. While the lady that wrote this letter definitely wasn’t the most articulate person to address the subject, what she said was not without merit. The black community has a problem with standards and rather than seeking to address our deficiencies with vigor and purpose, we cower behind our mess and expect everyone else to lower their standards so that we don’t have to own up to our failures. Pointing out that something is wrong and expecting people to do better is not bullying or ignoring the board in our eye but simply identifying that there is in fact a problem. When over 70% of black children are born to single mothers and 80% of those children are likely to end up in poverty, jail, or dead by the age of 25 that is a problem and the people perpetuating this cycle should not be coddled. I said all of that to say Pastor Winans was not wrong in his stance but he should also be more active in his community to address and correct the root cause of this epidemic. The mother in question could also take her child to a different church. She is not required to go to his church.

  27. Lisala Agyemang-Duah on

    No longer is it a stigma to be unmarried and choose motherhood. This is not a good idea. I have family and friends who have chosen this lifestyle. Children deserve stability of two parents.

  28. first have we gotten so self righteous that we place ourselves and our beliefs above all,and yes unwed mothers have increased.sprung by society and it’s laws.that was some very much heated talk coming from whom ever was representing the pastor.they really should check them self because of the anger and the name calling and labeling of this woman who asked that the child be baptized.we have beliefs and standards but don’t let yourself righteousness fool you,check your closet.when speaking as a spiritual voice make sure your words consist of GOD’S meaning and not your personal thoughts.no one is without sin,how were you accepted by forgiveness.

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