What Being “Ugly” Is Doing To Your Paycheck or Income


naomi makeupWe’ve all heard the saying “nice guys finish last” but it seems it’s the ones who are perceived as unattractive that finish last. We all want to believe that when we go for a job interview or if we are self employed that we will be judged on how well we do the job or deliver on the promised goods and services.

According to huffingtonpost.com,

A new video from Vox reveals, there are real, measurable economic benefits to being considered “conventionally attractive,” and we’re all affected. Heavier women earn less. Taller people earn more. With how much symmetrical faces are rewarded among professional quarterbacks, one would think it directly affects how far they can throw the ball.

If you’re a “heavier woman” an argument can be made for you to lose weight in an effort to improve your paycheck but what about a short man? A short woman can maybe wear some high heels to increase her height but it seems short men can not do much to overcome this kind of bias.

Huffingtonpost.com continues,

Overall, beautiful people are seen as more competent, kind and trustworthy, according to the video. Unless it’s an attractive woman — then, she might have a distinct disadvantage if applying for a “masculine” type job.

Over time, these taxes on our supposed imperfections add up, with a lifetime pay gap of $230,000 separating the “attractive” and “unattractive.”

The effects are so pronounced, we’re starting to wonder the going rate for each aesthetic advantage. An extra 10 cents an hour for skillfully plucked eyebrows, 15 percent pay cut for few extra pounds?

As Vox aptly notes — is it any wonder the beauty industry has ballooned into a $160 billion business? “We’re just responding to our economic incentives,” the video says.

Here is the video:

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  1. Only in black america. Who created man!!! Man or God? God did not create every man the same. People who judge people according to looks is a sign of immaturity and its also a racist move.
    What a hateful world we live in and african americans are the worst amongst their own people, that’s why our communties are shot to high-he{{…
    I love black people / I think… sometimes I’m not so sure anymore these days especially when I see and read such pure hatefulness. Its a real turn-off to my spirit.

  2. I agree, and who can describe “ugly.” God did not make anything ugly, except for attitudes. Ugly is a stigma that man put on people and things.

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  4. Check the Subliminal Messaging in Media

    The idea of beauty in America and around the world is controlled by whomever controls the media. Why would you expect your son or daughter to have a true appreciation for who they are and what they look like if you place them in front a mainstream media and let it babysit them.

    During the course of a television show your child will be bombarded with images that the media has decided is what they should see (their rendition of beauty, etc…). As time moves on the habit of watching television becomes more entrenched and so does the idea of what media thinks is beautiful or intelligent, and etc.

    A study was facilitated to show that many little black girls view themselves as ugly, or stupid or less than white girls (they used a doll and asked the children to point to the pretty one or the ugly one).

    White America’s idea of beauty will become the only idea of beauty and attractiveness, unless each individual becomes responsible for what goes on in their house.

    Do your own research use the keywords – subliminal messages in the media or commercials.

    Use your will to set your thoughts on truth. The truth is… God made us perfectly and by our thoughts that idea perfection can be realized.

    When we look at one another we must do it correctly… as God intended. Without judgement and/or competition.

    Beware of ignorant and hurtful people, don’t give them any power (they get their power from the pain they inflict).

    I dare you to empower yourself…you might spur a positive change.

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