What Happens To Women Who Run In Heels


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

For  a lot of women, beauty and style can mean a lot of pain. Women walk around in shoes that pinch, cause blisters, and squish their toes. They do it all for the style and because they want to look good. Many of these women are busy, on-the-go business women who do a lot of running around. Every time these women run to a business meeting or chase after a cab they are doing damage to their knees.

Research was done at the Ningbo University in China to show evidence that high heels can pose a risk of osteoarthritis in the knees as well as a much higher risk of ankle sprains and breaks. They looked at ten women for the study. They were ages 21-25. The women were told to do a series of exercises where they were jogging in three different types of shoes. They had high-heeled shoes, flats, and low-heeled shoes. What the researchers found was that when they were wearing heels they had increased pressure on the joints and the outward range of the knees put them at a greater risk of developing arthritis down the road.

You may love your favorite pair of pumps or stilettoes but they could cause some serious trauma to your feet. The style of most pumps squeezes the end of the feet and squishes the toes. Heels that don’t have straps on them cause the feet to slide around in the shoes which can result in a loss of balance. If you can’t bear to do away with a little extra height on your feet, get heels that are not stilettos or only wear them when you know that you won’t have to run anywhere. Flats and kitten heels are much better for you.


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