What Men Wish Women Knew About $ex and Love


man thinkingBy: Krystle Crossman

When it comes to s*x,man women think they have men pretty much figured out. The truth is however that some women really have no clue! Here are some things that we don’t know about men and how they feel about certain things in the bedroom.

1. Men are highly responsive to praise. They are self-conscious and have insecurities just like women about their bodies and about their skills. Compliment your man about what he does well and when he looks good.

2. Men are afraid of intimacy, but only because it is so taboo for men! Until they reach school age they are very affectionate, but then societal pressure rears its ugly head and they feel that being intimate is something that only girls should be doing. They are also afraid of it because they want intimacy so much.

3. They really do appreciate s*x for what it is. Every now and then try to let him have a little fun and have his way with you. Let yourself be ravished. He will thank you for it.

4. Men have many different erogenous zones, not just the pen!s. Touch his chest, or inside of his thighs. Kiss his neck. Explore…don’t just focus on one body part.

5. They enjoy fantasies but are often afraid that they are going to be judged or scorned for theirs. Try one out with him to show him you have a wild side too.

6. They enjoy dirty talk. This one should be no surprise!

7. Honesty is the best policy. They don’t want you to lie and say it was the best you ever had if it wasn’t. They want to know how to make things better so that you are satisfied.

8. Men enjoy the chase before making it to the bedroom. Let them take you out for a night on the town. Let them be romantic. This will make things more intimate when you finally get down to it.

9. Them watching p0rn0graphy does not mean that they are a s*x addict. Try discussing it with them seriously to find out what it is about p0rn0 that turns them on or off.

10. Men do tend to want s*x all the time, but not for the reason you may think. Being intimate with a partner is a way to connect and escape the pressures of life.