What T. D. Jakes Said To Make Oprah Want to Cry


td-jakes-oprahIn the short video below, with just one simple line, Bishop T. D. Jakes made Oprah Winfrey want to cry. Isn’t it funny how you can know something intellectually and then one day you really absorb it and it feels like it is the first time you are hearing it?

What do you need to let go of?




  1. Deep, made me think and reflect. It’s like wadding through garbage when you don’t forgive and ‘let go’ of the stinch of the padt. WOW!

  2. How does a so-called Bishop or Minister of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ never say anything about Jesus Christ being the ONLY WAY to God the Father, especially to Oprah, who believes there is more than one way to God? Hypocrite!!!

    • Check it out!! on

      You need to wake up and stop it with that J stuff. The letter j didn’t exist until 500 years old and none of the prophets used it at all. The Hebrew alphabets consists of 22 constants and NO- E, O, I , U , J – so please check the history.

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