What To Do Tonight To Make Tomorrow an Excellent Day



By: Krystle Crossman

Did you know that if you want to have a great day tomorrow there are things that you can do the night before to make it great? It is all about planning. The more you plan and are prepared for what the next day has to bring, the better off you will be the next day. Here are five things that you can do before you go to bed to ensure that you have the most productive day possible the next day.

1. If you are an exercise in the morning kind of person get ready for it at night. Get your gym bag together, throw you gym clothes and shoes on top, and put a bottle of water in the freezer. This way all you have to do is grab your stuff and go. There is less of a chance of you blowing off a workout if you don’t have to do a lot to prepare for it.

2. Grab a reading light and a good book. Reading before you sleep will help you to get a better night’s rest because you are not staring at electronics before you pass out. The screen can cause a restless sleep.

3. Check your calendar. See what you have going on for the next few days. If you have something going on the next day make sure that you are prepared for it. Think about what your schedule will be like to incorporate that event. If you have something big coming within the next few days carve out time tomorrow to prepare for it.

4. Write your thoughts down in a journal. Write about what went well for the day, what you could improve tomorrow, and goals that you have. It will help you to get your thoughts out so that your head isn’t so full when you go to sleep.

5. Turn the phone off. Staring at a screen before bed will not help you to get a restful night of sleep. Put the ringer on silent so that you are not disturbed in the middle of the night.


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