What To Do When Motivation Eludes You Constantly


By: Krystle Crossman

We all have those days where we lack any shred of motivation to do everything that we need to do for the day. What do you do on those days? Do you forego your to-do list because you can’t find the motivation or do you do it anyway but are not happy doing it? There are some ways that you can keep your motivation in check so that you can accomplish everything that you need to do and still have time left for yourself:

1. Make a list of everything that you need to do but make sure you prioritize the items on your list. Whatever is the most urgent or most important should be at the top of the list. That way you will have to start in on the items for the day because of the urgency of what needs to be done and once you start with the list you have a better chance of finishing it. It also helps to organize it this way so that even if you can’t get everything done you have at least done the important things first.

2. Looking at everything you have to do all at once can be disheartening and overwhelming. Break up your day into small chunks. Take a list of errands that you may need to do and think about where they are all located. Break the errands up by location so that you have less driving time and can get everything done much faster. If you look at a long list of things to do for the day your motivation is sure to go out the window quickly. Smaller chunks are much easier to complete.

3. If you find yourself scared to start on a big goal that you have set for yourself make sure that you don’t look at it as a chore. Don’t put it on your to-do list. Sit and think about the reason why you are setting the goal in the first place so that you have an end result that will motivate you to get started in the first place. Think about these reasons often. Write them on post-its and place them around the house if you must.


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