What? You Can Be Fat AND Fit?


Phaedra-Parks1By: Krystle Crossman

When it comes to how long you live, it doesn’t always come down to just being skinny. A new study shows that if you are active, even if you are overweight, you could still live longer than someone who is thin but does not workout at all. The study which was conducted by Middle Tennessee State University researchers looked at past studies that recorded the participant’s BMI as well as their levels of regular exercise. The participants were followed up over a period of years that ranged from 7 years to 16 years.

The team of researchers sorted through the data from the past studies and put the participants into three different weight categories; normal weight, overweight, and obese. From there, they were either entered into the fit or unfit category based on their results of fitness tests that they underwent.

After they separated these groups they looked at the participants that had died in the years of the study. What they found from this data was that people who were unfit had two times the death rate than those who were fit. This included people who were unfit and thin or overweight/obese and fit. One of the researchers of the study said that this is good news for those who cannot or have trouble losing weight. If they can stay fit they will greatly reduce their risk of an early death.

To be considered “fit” you don’t need to be extreme with your workouts. The researchers said that if you exercise for the government recommended 150 minutes per week, even if you break them down into 10 minute segments, you would fall into this category. This is good news for those who are overweight and hate intense exercise and also will hopefully be a wake-up call to those who are thin and feel that they don’t need to work out because they don’t need to lose weight.


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